Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quilting, weaving and living

I have gotten a few more rows quilted on the quilt for Quilt Angels.  I did a row that mimics dentil molding (think partial squares one after another in a line.)  The picture of it was unusable. So you just have my word for it.
I also did more circles on a string
While this is not a great picture at least you can see what I mean by the name.
Speaking of quilting and the Quilt Angels project- we have another sponsor! Kelly from I Have a Notion has kindly offered a gift certificate in the amount of $25 to one winner.  Thanks Kelly, sponsors are Angels too.
The tab at the top marked "Quilt Angels" will  give you more information and lead you to other posts on the project.

I also put a warp on my loom and did some more weaving.  I find it interesting that I now have a follower or two who are as interested in my weaving as in my quilting.
So here are some pictures of what I am doing right now on my loom.  This is the Kromski loom and it is folded in half and put in my recliner.  (sorry it looks so unprofessional.)
The white warp thread is an 8/4 cotton rug warp thread.  I really like the way it looks with the yarn woven through it.  The blue and cream at the bottom are "scrap header yarn" and will be removed later. They are there to help straighten the warp threads from the tie-on spot.
Here is a closeup of the fabric I am weaving.
I will probably add more colors to make me happy. Although I really am loving the look of it at this point.  This is just a red chenille yarn and a variegated yarn at this point.  I may add more colors, I have some chenille yarn in a green that may go well with this.  I had added some yellow, but the yarn didn't go well with the red chenille, so I "un-wove" it and added the variegated.  I love experimenting with different yarns and designs- in that way it is a lot like quilting: you can make it the way YOU want to do it.

I haven't gotten anything done quilt or loom wise today as I took my nephew for a medical test.  The good news is that he now knows what is causing his pain and it can be treated and cured.  He is a terrific young man and I love him dearly. He and his sister are as close to "my own" children as I will likely ever come. They are both a blessing to me.

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Barbara said...

I looked for an old frame today to try with box weaving, and I had no luck. Will keep looking and thinking what my next step will be. Your weaving is beautiful!

Barbara said...

Whether uncle or father, Gene, you sound like a loving "parent". :)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I really like the yarn you have chosen so far. I have been looking at looms. Being newly retired, I need to adjust my wants to my new limited income. In the mean time, I'll be nailing pegs to a frame.

Thanks for sharing your projects. I also think your quilting is amazing. AND the world needs more great uncles like you.

Rhonda said...

Gene, your weaving is really coming along. I'll bet it's a more relaxing process in the evenings than piecing or quilting would be.
BTW, your "whale" mug rug is on its way to you. I don't know if you responded last week but you're the WINNER....yea, Gene!!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your quilting and weaving both look wonderful. Adding green to your work will make it look nice and Christmasy (it is almost the season).

Pat said...

I"m glad your nephew will be fine!

Snoodles said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm glad your nephew is going to be OK.

Royce said...

Oh I've been out of touch with the blog world and come back to find you are weaving now! Wonderful. I had a loom at one point in my life but all I have now is my spinning wheel. Your weaving is beautiful - but then what would I expect. Also read about the quilt angles and I would love to be part of that in the future. Such a wonderful group.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful weaving Gene and I'm so glad your nephew can be treated!! Thanks for sharing.
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