Friday, October 18, 2013

Another Block -and a Remembrance

Yesterday's post got a couple of comments that I took as great compliments. The block I made with my solid scraps apparently inspired a couple of you.  These comments came from readers who get the email version of my blog.  When someone tells me I inspired them, I am honored.  There is a part of me that is a "teacher" and if I teach someone or inspire them, it makes that part of me very happy. Your comments mean more than you know.
I couldn't resist starting another of these blocks.  I didn't get it big enough to square off yet.  That is okay as it lets me save scraps to built on it later.  Here is what I did.
There is one piece of fabric in there that is a print. but it works with the piece so I used it anyway.

A Remembrance
Today is Dad's birthday, October 18th.  He would have been 79 today.
Here is a picture of him that I painted/sketched.  I really sketched it first and then used that sketch to make a monochromatic painting that kept the sketchy feeling.
I have a few photographs of Dad also.
This is a family photo - notice Dad had on his cap.  It was rare to see him without a cap. The young one is my nephew. I am the weird looking one with the facial hair. Ha ha.
Here we are years ago. Dad, Mom, my baby brother, me and my sister.  Weren't we the fashion plates? But Dad didn't have on a cap in this one.
Dad with my adorably beautiful niece. 

Dad and Mom - a portrait of true love

Dad at a family reunion in 2008 (yes, he had a cap on again!) 
Happy Birthday Dad.  I miss you, but I know you are smiling down on us.

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Pat said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your father (and the rest of the family). I'm sure he is very proud of the talented person you are!

Kathleen said...

Such a sweet post. My Dad's birthday was September 18th and I know he was smiling down on me as I remembered him that day. Not sure but I think that would have been his 85th birthday. Love the pic of your dad and your niece. You favor your dad in that one.

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing your family, especially your dad with us. My favorite, your Mom and Dad together. :)

Barbara said...

Very, very nice Gene.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! Sounds as if your Dad was an awesome guy! Sweet memories...