Monday, October 21, 2013

Are you Crafty? Could You Be More Craftsy?

For as long as I can remember I have loved making things.  From simple paper chains as a small child until a neighbor lady taught me to crochet, until I learned to use a sewing machine in high school, I have loved making things.  I love learning new ways to create.  I would bet that you do too.
I am an artist. There has been a long ongoing debate over what is art and what is craft.  I wonder, does it matter?   To me, it doesn't really matter.  As long as I can create in paint, fiber, fabric, clay or some other medium, I am happy.

So when Craftsy came along, I wondered "What is Craftsy?"   I took a class and learned that Craftsy is a learning platform that is really well done.  But then I took more classes.  I learned that Craftsy is a community. In fact, it is a worldwide community of people who love to create and learn new things.  The classes offered are online classes with well made streaming video.  The instructors will give feedback if you post a question or share an image of what you are making. I LOVE that.

I have made lots of things after learning techniques in Craftsy Classes.
Class Project- Hand Stitched Collage Quilts

From the free eBook in the course materials
The above pieces were made from the class and free eBook that is part of the course materials in Hand Stitched Collage Quilts taught by Laura Wasilowski.

The above pebbled feather is my design after watching Cindy Needham's class "Design It, Quilt It" Cindy teaches you basic designs and gives you the confidence to build on them and quilt your own designs. 

This is a portion of the back of a quilt that I quilted from the class "Free Motion Fillers Vol. 1" taught by Leah Day. As I recall there were FIFTY different designs taught in the class.

This is my piece that I call "String Theory" - it recently sold in an art gallery. (Yes that made me very happy!)  I made this as part of the class "Stupendous Stitching" taught by Carol Ann Waugh.  This is partly done with machine stitches and partly with hand stitching.

I have other classes that I am taking also.  The great part is that you can take these classes at your own speed.  There are no deadlines. If after a week, or a year, you want to watch it again as a refresher - or to master some detail that you just didn't quite get - you have the freedom to do it.  The classes are yours for life.  I have taken a class -live and in person - then gotten home and couldn't for the life of me remember how to do something.  Not an issue with Craftsy.  You have a renowned instructor in the convenience of your own home.  Yes you can take a class in your pajama pants and t-shirt, just like I do.

And here is the best part:  Craftsy has a Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not satisfied with your class, we will refund your fees within 30 days of purchase. 
-that is directly from the Craftsy website.   And yes, I have used it - but only once.  I wasn't happy with a class and filled out the online form.  I got a reply within a day or two (faster than I expected.) I was made a very happy camper.  
and don't forget that you can sign up and get FREE Classes! 

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


Barb said...

Wow Gene, you sure have made great use of the classes...I am a slacker!

Sue said...

Great work Gene, I think I am a perpetual student too. Love learning new things.

Kathleen said...

I like Craftsy too Gene. I've purchased some classes and have some of the free classes saved to my account too. I just love the fact that my classes are always there for me at any time. Definite a great learning platform. In fact, Amy Gibson's 2012 BOM is how I learned to quilt. I'm hooked!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

You are very diligent in your use of time and taking these fun classes Gene. You know how much I love a very special piece you made and I just can get over how you do so much and work too. What brand of vitamins do you take?


Marjorie said...

Hi Gene, I love all your projects. And they're finished!!! Yay. I am a Craftsy fan too. I was looking at my list of classes and have taken quite a few. I love their sales and always have classes in my wishlist to add when there's a sale. I even did a photography class last week.

sandiqltr said...

Great blog about Craftsy. I love the classes I have done and I, too, return to them from time to time. Great idea someone had to offer this type of format for teaching!!

Barbara said...

Great projects of yours, my favorites, and a wonderful testimonial for Craftsy. If they haven't paid you, they should! ;)

Pat said...

I started a Craftsy class a year or two back and never continued....not because I didn't like it, but because other things were happening that didn't allow me time to devote to it. It is nice for me to know, though, that I can go back and pick up where I left off OR start it from the beginning again anytime I want. The things you have made are wonderful!