Sunday, October 13, 2013

Big Pieced Blocks - FMQ

After I played with the blocks for the Quilt as You Go quilt that I am slowly working on, I decided that I needed more blocks.  I had a few that I had added applique on as well as a few that are wholecloth.  So I decided to add the block I did last week as it is large enough (I haven't finished quilting it yet)

In keeping with the spirit of this block,  I did some blocks from large scraps and will be quilting them.  I finished quilting this one (The back is the solid, the front is pieced.)
 I have two others pieced.  One of them is layered and ready to quilt.
The other hasn't yet been ironed flat.
Both of these will be fun to quilt on as there are defined areas.  However, I may break some of the defined areas into sections with the stitching. Let's hope I actually finish this quilt in 2013.

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Pat said...

I love the pebbly-quilting. You are really going to town on your FMQ...and doing a terrific job of it, too.

jdqltr said...

Nice job... as always! That block will make a wonderful backdrop to the quilting. I picked up Carol Ann Waugh's Stupendous Stitching book and will have to check out her Craftsy class to go with it. Only problem is the machine I want to use to stitch the decorative stitches has been in the shop for 2 months with more wait time to go! So it's just drooling for me right now, your work included!!!

Barbara said...

I SO want that block in the second picture! The FMQ makes it a masterpiece. I would put it on my wall, as is, with no quilt around it. It's fabulous!