Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sweet Friday Off - Day Trip

I had some built up leave time that I needed to take. (yaay)
So I decided a day trip to Chattanooga was in order.  An internet friend has opened a fabric store there, and since I like her style - and I love to meet fellow bloggers, it seemed like a good idea.  It was!  I had a wonderful day.
The shop is:
Spool - Chattanooga, TN
Maddie Kertay Proprietor
If you park in the back - in the parking lot - you see this sight. It already looks inviting.  When you walk down the three or four steps,  you see this sign:
And you start feeling more welcomed.  I walked in and saw this face:
Maddie knew who I was immediately and (after letting me snap this picture) came over and gave me a hug. She then went back to assisting the customers that were there before I arrived.  Maddie is a great shop owner.  I loved hearing her interact with customers in the store AND on the phone.  When she didn't have something - she asked "did you check with store x? They may have it."   Now that is customer service.

A friend who doesn't quilt went with me and loved looking around the store. I was told "I have never been in a fabric store where I enjoyed looking at everything.  The colors and designs were so bright and vibrant."  I think this describes it well.

Of course I couldn't go in a fabric shop without shopping. (Really? Could I?  -no I think not!)
So I picked out some fabrics that I know I will use.  I was looking at the blue section and thinking
"the exact shade I want isn't here"  --then I saw it at the end of the row-slightly hidden in the shadow. AHHHH! It is Moda Bella Solids Horizon Blue 9900-111 just in case you want to know.  In golden acrylic paint it is Pthalo Blue (green shade) - I fell in love with the color as paint. Ha ha.
 I had to have a yard of it. ((grin))
I also got the red you see there -Christmas Red 9900 16 and some Baby Yellow 9900-31.
If you are looking closely you see a purple print.  That is a Kaffe Fasset that just looked like it wanted to go home with me.  And I got a small fat-eighth bundle of Cherrywood called Pink Lemonade.
Oh, here is a picture of me folding the KF fabric. I told Maddie to just let me fold it as I would refold it this way when I get home anyway.
I must say that I restrained myself greatly. I could easily have spent hundreds of dollars had I let myself be a kid in the candy shop. I only came home with four yards and two small bundles of pre-cuts.  I did almost get a large spool of red Aurifil, but it didn't match the Christmas red fabric. (I probably should have gotten it anyway! - did I mention this week everything was 20% off in the store?)

Before leaving I needed a picture of us together
After I got home, I did a photo shoot of my "haul" for the day
I have a BadAss Quilter mug for my coffee -and afternoon tea. 

When I laid them all together I thought, this could be a quilt -just these fabrics.  But the Cherrywoods are planned for art quilting.  I do reserve the right to change my mind. (wink)

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Pat said...

What fun for you! How nice that you could get to her place on a day trip. I'm sure she was tickled that you took the time to do that! Nice photos and wonderful fabrics you chose.

bj said...

I was also at Spool on Friday....and I bought 2 yards of that delicious Christmas Red 9900 16. It is such a small world!! Don't you just love Spool?? And, of course, we do LOVE Maddie :-)

Katrina said...

Awesome! I am so jealous :-D

teachpany said...

Fun!! I want to visit Spool one day, too. I was lucky enough to meet the creator of Cherrywood Fabrics at Quilters Take Manhattan a few weeks ago. The fabrics are wonderful, and so is she! I can't wait to see what you make.

Petit Design Co. said...

fun trip!!

tpott said...

Great haul, I love the way you spent the day, fabric, meeting a new friend, hanging with an old friend and a lovely fall drive. What could be better than that!!! Where ever did you fine that fantastic mug, I LOVE IT! (Sorry I shouted) Toni Anne ;->

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

So happy you got to meet. She's one of my dearest friends and I'm so happy and proud of her new accomplishment. I love the fabrics you chose!

JJ said...

Nice day trip and nice fabric. I love finding new stores and meeting people fortunate enough to follow their dream.

Jean(ie) said...

you lucky dog! That's quite a haul!!!!!

Beth said...

Looks like a wonderful, welcoming shop. Love your haul. And of course you can change your mind.
What a great day trip! On on a 'work day' makes it even better.