Sunday, November 17, 2013

A little of this and that

I have a rotten cold.  However it is more annoying than the put you in the bed kind.
I have been playing last night and this morning .

First I had this doll that I made months ago.  I was tired of seeing her draped across the back of the chair naked.  So last night I made her a very simple pillowcase dress.

I suppose it is okay, but I want to put something nicer on her.  I also need to make some shoes for her feet. 

This morning I decided to sew out an embroidery design from a collection I got from Anita Goodesign for the Machine Embroidery Blog Hop last year.   This is a sashiko design from the Asian Quilt package.  But I wasn't going to just sew it out.  I have been taking/watching a class Thread Art with Lola Jenkins on Craftsy .  I haven't really been participating, but I did watch about half of the class.  This was a while back, so I had to do some review.  Lola paints her thread art with colored pencils.  I just love watching her style of teaching. I especially love her motto "there are no mistakes." 

So after sewing out the design, with a dark purple thread,  I grabbed my box of 24 Crayola colored pencils and started.  As I went along I got more and more excited.  When I got to this point I took a picture. 

Looking at the picture, I realized that I need to do a bit more blending.  However, it already looks good -at least to me.  Once it is all to my liking, I will use some fabric medium and a brush to make the design permanent.
Have you ever painted or colored on your fabric designs?  I found this a wonderful blend of art work and machine embroidery.  I am sure I will do this with some free motion work too.  It is pretty addictive.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


Unknown said...

I should make a doll......up until a few years ago, I still have a doll from my childhood, her name was Bonnie. I lost her somewhere and still think about that doll. It still had pen marks on her face where I thought I was putting "make up" on her. :( Love you doll.

Holee said...

Your girl needs a headband...maybe with a yo yo flower :)

Sue said...

You're always doing something different Gene. Such a creative bloke. Love your doll and your coloring.

Rhonda said...

Hope you get to feeling better very soon.
Loved your story about making your doll a dress. And you embroidery/coloring is very cool.

Pat said...

That is very pretty! I hope you are feeling somewhat better now.

Barbara said...

Can't relate to machine embroidery since my Pfaff is mechanical and basic, but the design is very pretty and I'm sure it will work well! Now the doll, that is something I can relate to. She's delightful, I love her face! The dress is cute, and I don't think she needs shoes. ;) but I'm sure you will do something very creative with her feet.

Barbara said...

PS...she looks like a "prim" doll as is. :)

Beth said...

I hope that rotten cold clears up fast.
That doll is so cute! Her little pillowcase dress is adorable.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm so glad your doll isn't naked any longer Gene....that is just not good form. Giggles :)

I've painted on my work but in such a simple fashion...nothing like what you have done.


Lisa said...

1) I hope your better really soon, our allergies are all crazy here this year with the wind blowing in one day 20 the next 70 degrees its nutty weather.
2). I love your doll she is beautiful - having raised 2 daughter naked or not she is the cutest. It was nothing to see naked dolls everywhere. The younger one love to wash the clothes, I have a little granddaughter now who needs a baby, maybe this pattern ends up on craftsy?
3) never thought of using my colored pencils on fabric, I wonder if my blender pencils would work too! Before sewing I made a lot of cards and colored! What medium do you use for sealing? I know lots of questions and to many giveaways! Answer when you can and again I love your doll, she is so sweet!