Sunday, November 03, 2013

Binding on, Label on -ready for.....

I finally added the binding to my free-motion quilted strip quilt. I got the basic idea for this simple quilt from First Steps to Free Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli of A Few Scraps blog. This is a great quilt to add to your list of fast to make quilts.  The strips also give you nice areas to practice your quilting.

As you can see, I put a label on this quilt - and I put it for a reason.  This will be a quilt that I am donating to the Quilt Angels project.  You can see part of the label, I put my name and the state on it. In red, I added: 'Remember that you are loved."    I made this label by simply putting fusible web on the back of some muslin. Then I wrote the words with Pigma pens. I sewed the label into the binding on two sides. The other two sides are pinked but then I added some extra quilting around it because I like everything to be sewn down. Why? If the quilt is put in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet, it can loosen the fusible web.

Are you participating in the Quilt Angels project? If so, I would like a little update from you.  I have heard from three people recently, and I do appreciate the update. Please feel free to email me. Or leave a comment on any post and I will get email you.

If you would like to donate a quilt for the project, please email me or leave a comment. If I don't email you in return, you may be a no reply blogger. So the picture below is my email address:
This is a picture to deter spammers.
Here are the basics on what is requested:

The quilts should be at least 45 by 60, but a little bigger would be better. These can be bed quilts if you have one already made that you would like to donate. 
Fabric should be gender neutral as the shelter houses both boys and girls and the ratio changes.  However, any quilt that meets the size recommendation will be gladly accepted.  As these are teens, bright colors will probably be best, but some teens do like neutrals.  As for pattern, your choice, I don't mind if it is simple.  Please insure that these are sturdy as I am sure they will get lots of use and washing.  Binding by machine is fine -and faster!   We do ask that you put a label on the quilt. It doesn't have to have your full name but your first name and state make it special to the recipient. I have seen the amazement in young eyes that someone from __whatever state__ cared enough to make and send a quilt!  At that moment in that life, you are an angel. 
 The "get it to us" deadline is December 12th.  Once you tell me that you are ready to send, I will send you the address information.

I will gladly answer questions on the project.  You can see past posts on the project by going to the Quilt Angels page on my blog.  There are some sponsored prizes that anyone donating a quilt is eligible to win.

I leave you with a song which is sung by the songwriter, Becky Hobbs.  I do believe that there are angels among us.

I hope your weekend is blessed.
Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.

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Snoodles said...

Great tips on how you made your label...I will be putting one on a big project soon. Haven't decided yet just how to do it. :)