Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oooh Shiny!!!

The date of my show/sale is fast approaching. November 23rd will be the day of the sale and I hope to have a nice inventory to sell.   This year I will be adding my handwoven scarves to the line up along with the quilts and art and everything else.

Last night, I put a warp on the loom and got it ready for weaving. The yarn I am using for a warp thread is a thinner black with a shiny or glittery thread spun in with it.  Then for the weft, I am using the grey that I used on the previous scarf.  It has a shiny white thread that is spun into it.

The type loom I have is a rigid heddle loom.  On a rigid heddle loom, the cloth that is woven winds onto a beam at the front of the loom. This is called the cloth beam, of course.  When I got the warp put on last night, I wove a 6 to 8 inch section to see if I liked the results.  I did like it.

So this evening after work, visiting a friend in the hospital and going by to check on Mom, (whew!) I sat and wove for a bit.
Here is a picture of the cloth on the cloth beam.
I do believe that I got a great start on it.
Now here is a picture of the scarf on the loom.
You can see a slight "pulled in" area in the right selvedge.  I am hoping that will look fine when I take it off the loom and wet finish it.

And here is a picture taken at an angle with flash.  I think you can see what I see.
Oooh...shiny.  I hope you can see the shimmery shine that this scarf has. It reflects light beautifully.  On the left side of the picture you can see a little bit on yarn still on the wooden shuttle. Even that has a lovely shine.  
I do believe that this will be a very dressy scarf.   I am looking forward to finishing it. I will definitely twist the fringe on this one and maybe even add a few beads for added embellishment.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


Marjorie said...

The last pic shows the shininess. I love the black and white/silver. It is very sophisticated.

Barb said...

You just seem to be the master at what ever you the scarf

Teresa Quilts said...

I agree with Barb, you are a master at whatever you do, Gene! This scarf is beautiful! Love it!

Beth said...

That scarf is beautiful. Love the shine. Wouldn't it look great going to a formal New Year's Eve party?

Barbara said...

Ooooooo....shiny is perfect! Wish I could go to your sale. Putting any if these on etsy?