Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quilted Until there is no more room to quilt

Yesterday I showed the little art quilt that I pulled out to work on. I did lots of dense quilting on it.  In fact, as the title says, I quilted it until there is no more room to quilt on it. I can't tell you how many bobbins I went through, but it was a lot.
So here are pictures of the quilting.
The picture of the entire quilt really doesn't show the quilting well.  I am debating adding some embellishments though. 

 This picture and the one below show up the pebble quilting nicely. I hope you can see the texture in the flame shapes. I tried to match the color to the fabric so it doesn't show well in a picture. In person the shiny threads really pop. All of the quilting thread is two-color twist thread and is polyester.  That adds a lot of pop to the quilting.
I should tell you that this quilt was inspired by another quilt  by Pat Merkle.  I watched this quilt from the beginning as she worked on it and posted pictures on her blog. The flame shapes intrigued me.  So I asked permission to do a derivative work, which she granted.  I had a dream where her quilt morphed into something more like this one with the circles floating above the flames. Thus, a quilt was born.

I hope you got some sewing or quilting done this weekend also.

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suemac said...

Love the quilt. So colorful.

Elaine said...

your pebbles are getting so nice and round-nice work!

Barbara said...

I do love this, especially the pebbles, you are an FMQ Master!

Unknown said...

love the pebble quilting...looks great

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Stunning! Beautiful quilting and I love all of the bright colors!!

Beth said...

Yep, the pebble quilting is great!!! You are really mastering FMQ. It looks fantastic.

Pat said...

I also love your pebble quilting. You are really becoming a master at this!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a beautiful quilt Gene and look at all the quilting!!! Perfect! Thanks for sharing.
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