Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Quilt Angel Thank You

Another Quilt Angel Thank You

This is a brief thank you from a young lady that received a quilt sent by one of the Quilt Angels.

And Ms. Jean, one of the staff -I like to call her a House Mother - also says Thank you.

You can see why I think of her as a "House Mother" - she calls them "my kids" and she truly means it.  I love seeing her firm but gentle with they kids. If I were one of them I would have no doubt that she loved me. I am sure that being with her and the rest of the staff, knowing that type of love, changes these kids for the better.
Don't you love the quilts she is holding in the video?  All of the quilts were and are amazing. I say special Thank  You to all the quilt angels and sponsors for helping to wrap these kids in a tangible expression of unconditional love.  Peace be with you!

Tomorrow, I plan to show some more presents that I worked crafty "magic" on and gave to friends and co-workers.  Be sure and stop by.


Jennifer Thomas said...

That's beautiful. Made me cry. Have a super day!

Barb said...

It sure takes a special person to be able to convey that love to all of the kids. Thanks so much for shaing

Beth said...

Awwww....thanks to all involved.

sewyouquilt2 said...

it is great that you are doing this for them. it is a basic need to feel wanted and loved and thought of. You are a saint and so are those quilters who were able to brighten someone's day

Linda C said...

so sweet! I recognize one that the lovely house mama is holding in her right hand.