Wednesday, December 04, 2013

More Blocks and a Scarf

My goodness, I have gotten so involved in my life that I have forgotten to post anything lately.

In my last post I showed you a couple of blocks that I had made in a wonky 9 patch style.  Since they are stack and cut, you use two fabrics a little larger than the blocks and get two blocks.
I did two more of those before I put it aside to weave a scarf for a commission.

The top two in red and white look great.  But what happened to the bottom pair????  I know! Sigh.  After cutting and sewing the first seam, I didn't stack them back the same way. Obviously they were twisted rather than being in the same orientation.  I am calling those two ultra-wonky 9 patches. Ha ha. The will go right on into the quilt and it will be fine. If I were doing the entire quilt in two colors this would ruin the pattern, but since it is a more scrappy quilt - it will be just fine.

The scarf is still attached to the loom at one end. This is the end where the warp is tied onto the take-up rod.  Those big bow knots hold the tension evenly.
The black is a "header" to evenly space the warp
It doesn't remain in the final scarf.
This lovely yarn is Peruvian Highland Wool.  The wool comes from sheep that are a cross between Merino (with a soft fine wool) and Corriedale (with a strong long fibered wool.)  It is a great yarn to work with.
The pattern I used was of my own design. One of the "tricks" with weaving matching stripes is to measure your weaving. I kept a tape measure right with me as I was weaving.  I knew how long I planned for the warp so I sat down and planned the pattern.  I didn't want too many color changes in the weft.  But I did want the scarf to be interesting to look at.

All the measuring paid off!  The sections match. Here are some pictures to show it.

When you weave a dark and light yarn together, it produces a lovely tweed effect.  You can see that really well where the darkest and lightest threads cross.  And when the warp and weft match in color the somewhat expected result is a nice solid color.  That dark purple in the lower picture shoew this well.

I need to finish off this scarf and get it on the way to its new home.  I also have some little presents I need to make for a few co-workers.  (wink! I got a pattern for them from another blogger. )

It is rare that I don't have some project going.  I am even planning to take the small loom with me to the beach when we go to visit the Nana.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


Pat said...

I think one time I need to pay you to make me a scarf! I got a kick out of the name for your second two blocks...Ultra wonky!

Jeanna said...

Ultra wonky makes you Ultra Cook Gene ;)

Love the way the scarf is going!

You have some super lucky co-workers, too :)

Jackie's Stitches said...

Gene it looks like you've been weaving for years!

Lynn said...

I love the ultra wonky blocks. Do it a couple more times and it is no longer a mistake.

Teresa Quilts said...

I love your scarf! It is beautiful. It is hard to believe you haven't done this for years. Great job, my friend.

sewyouquilt2 said...

lovely blocks and scarf. you are just a working machine whipping these out!
they are wonderful

Barb said...

You are a machine!!!

Mary said...

Your weaving is beautiful, Gene. The nice thing about scrappy quilts is that mistakes are usually end up being happy innovations.