Sunday, January 19, 2014

A little sewing project

While on a work trip, we stopped to shop - there was another crafty person along so we went in JoAnn's while the others went in the store next to it.
I have been thinking I could easily sew an infinity scarf - I have seen tutorials all over blog-land.  So my fabric purchases were not cotton (shock!) but rather filmy type fabrics (don't ask - I don't know what they really are, probably polyester- ha ha)

So on Saturday, I decided to try it.  Each piece I bought was two yards.  I took one piece and tried to tear it down the middle like I do my quilting fabric - this stuff doesn't rip!   Next stop the rotary cutter. Folks this stuff slips.  It is like trying to hold onto a greased hog on a hot Alabama day. I couldn't find the grain line so I just had at it. It worked out fine for this.

I sewed the long edge then turned it right side out.  I put the ends together and sewed it sort of like sewing in a shoulder seam. I went as far as I could go then I used a ladder stitch to sew the last few inches.

I didn't have a female model handy so this excuse my chin and neck wattle.  I tried to blur that part out when I edited the photo.
I love this fabric design, I just wish it were quilting cotton!
I think the scarf came out just great.  Have you tried making an infinity scarf?   I am thinking I may join the ends of a woven scarf to make one. --But that will be when I catch up on my orders and can play with weaving again.
I also wove another scarf  Saturday for an order. It is exactly like the one I made for myself so I didn't take a picture.  But maybe I can get one of the purchaser wearing it.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


sandiqltr said...

Gene, I like your flimsier fans for this. I am not a very large woman and using quilting cotton is way too bulky for me. Nice post!

sandiqltr said...

Well, that should have said fabs. Auto spell doesn't like my slang.

Kathy S. said...

Pretty fabric for your scarf. Yes, I made a couple. One was with some thin garage sale find fabric. It turned out great. The other one was made of a thick wool plaid. It's perfect for winter. My 5-minute infinity scarves took me 10 minutes, though. LOL.

Barbara said...

Always experimenting, congratulations, it's lovely. I made our daughter's prom dress years ago out of flimsier fabric and it was great, but never again, not even a scarf! I'm always noticing how fast you turn out scarves on your heddle loom. Hah! My frame loom takes so much longer to weave one piece. Good thing it's an art piece, and I don't need it to stay warm. The cold weather will be long gone when I complete my current piece. ;)

We are: Clamco said...

Inifinity scarves are such a neat idea. Are you a fan of Jay McCarroll? He makes some really bold ones. Here's a link:

My daughter and I got to meet him in person when we lived in PA. He's from a town close to where we used to live and he made a local appearance. I bought my daughter one of his straight scarves. It's like 10 feet long but it's super comfy.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful scarf and I haven't made one but after seeing yours I want to!! Cute photo Gene :)

Jeanna said...

Your infinity scarf turned out nice in that fabric. I've not made any but I did consider it a few days ago when I saw some samples in a quilt shop. I refrained from starting another project. I have to complete a few OLD items before starting anything NEW.

Petit Design Co. said...

haha, your pig comment made laugh! Nice fabric for that scarf.

Beth said...

I have not tried one yet. Well not from fabric, I have knit a couple. I will have to try because the knits are too hot for me.
Pretty scarf.

Lorna McMahon said...

I have never made a scarf, yet, Gene. But yours is gorgeous. And I really enjoyed your description of the process. Especially the fun you had cutting that fabric! Ha, ha! Thanks so much for sharing!

kathyinozarks said...

I really enjoyed your post too-made me laugh, thinking you must be a farm girl-lol I have seen these scarves knitted and crocheted but didn't know they were sewing them up too-cool! Love yours
Kathy I am visiting from lets bee social

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Love the scarf Gene -- I've made a few from quilting cotton and some from that "flimsy" stuff... fact is everyone that receives one just LOVES it. Oh, I also bought those cheap scarfs from AC Moore this holiday and made them into infinity scarves for the teenagers. Another quick gift for under $5 and 10 minutes. Take care now.

Richard Healey said...

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