Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Face - and Thoughts on Freedom

After posting the doll faces on that I had digitized, I got a couple of comments that they needed eyelashes.
I am having problems running my Windows based programs under Parallels on my Mac. Sometimes it works and other times it just hangs there with that ugly hourglass in my face. I wish all my programs were Mac based. Sigh!

Still,  I got it to work, although haltingly.  So I have a nice face with eyelashes now.
When I chose the fabric to sew this on I thought it was a good idea.  Well actually it was, but the thread choices needed adjusting. I sewed the eyebrows in a brown that got lost.  I did the nose with the same thread.  I did not want to re-sew the entire design and waste my fabric, so I did the creative thing.
I sewed the nose section again with a lighter thread.  Then I moved the design, using that feature on my machine, to make a second layer of eyebrows.  I did the second layer in black just below the brown eyebrows.   I also stopped the machine before it sewed the dividing line across the lips.  (I did that to make the mouth a little different than on the other one. It was a personal choice.)
You do know that it is okay to stop your machine while sewing out an embroidery design, don't you? That little secret allows you more control over your machine embroidery.  If, for example, you are sewing out a one color design,  you can stop the machine and change colors to make the design more colorful.  There is no "thread police" function that will refuse to sew the design if you aren't using the prescribed color.
Here is the same face, but I did a different photo rendering of it.

I did use green for the eyes which is what I had in the design - but that was my choice.  The eyes could be blue or gold or even variegated if that is what I decided to do.   I remember being told, as a child that the sky is blue and I was supposed to color it that way on my coloring sheet.  But a few days later I was outside at sunset and the sky was ORANGE.  I knew better than to tell that teacher she was wrong, but I stopped thinking of her as the authority on color.  Ha ha, I guess I was a rebellious artist even then.  But think about it, without rebellion, we would be slaves.

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Marjorie said...

You are a rebellious artist--and we all appreciate you for it. I never thought about actually fixing things like the eyebrows. Great idea. I have been known to stitch over the same area though. . .

Pat said...

Your kind of rebellion can (and does) lead to some very special results!

Barbara said...

Neat...adds a lot!

Linda said...

I wish I were as smart with technology as you! I am totally lost when it comes to doing that sort of thing. Your little face is so clever!

Ha ha! You are so right about "rebellion"! We need more creative thinkers in the world. I think its even a shame that children are given coloring pages with all the picture lines drawn. I gave mine sketch pads and told them to draw their own lines. (And yes, they were able to color inside the lines when they needed to without learning from a color book.)

Barb said...

YOu are so clever!!!