Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are You Tired of My Wonky 9s yet?

I am still plugging away a bit at a time on my wonky nine patches.  As you recall, I had one leftover square or fabric from the cutting I did for the brief tutorial.

I have now added another square of fabric to it.  I also cut two more sets and have sewn them all into Wonky Nine Patch squares.

As soon as I took the picture I realized that the turquoise and orange squares have a problem. The VALUE is bland.  The other two sets have good value contrast.  The orange/turquoise set is too close in contrast to really pop.
Here, let me show you.  I put the photo in my editor and desaturated the colors for a value test.
The left set is too close for my liking.  The center set has GREAT value contrast. Thanks to the patterning on the tan fabric, the last set has adequate value contrast.
So what will I do?  Honestly since the color contrast is good, I will just go ahead and the orange/turquoise set and know that I didn't make the best choice there.  In the grand scheme of thing, it will be just fine.

Another thing you may have noticed (yes I am talking to you, Ms Quilt Police!) -the points don't all match up.  For a wonky block, that doesn't bother me at all!  I like the fact that it looks like pieces floating.  I need at least 30 of these blocks to make a quilt the size I want - that is adding sashings. So I will most likely be showing a few more of these.   I need to pull out some more fabric and make some good contrasting pairs.
I am seriously wondering just how I will quilt this. Ha ha. I suppose I should put the cart back behind the horse and get it made first.

Speaking of horses,  I have been playing with coloring changes in my embroidery software.  I discovered that I can add stops and change the color in the one color designs.  So, I took the horse design and colored it like a true "Horse of a Different Color."

This is a photo from the design file. I will likely play with colors when I sew it out.  I think I need to do a series of horses.  What will I do with them though?
Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

you have the warm/cool contrast with the orange/turquoise and I like it with the others.

Average Quilter said...

They will be great when you are finished. I do like the wonky effect

Barbara said...

Still dizzy here. Hahaha
Amazing how different the horse looks with just a few changes. You must be having fun!

Anonymous said...

Wonky nines are good. =) The horsing around looks like fun.