Monday, January 20, 2014

Wonky Nines

I made a couple more wonky nine patches and was preparing to make more.  So I decided to show at least part of the process.

Here are the two I made
With this process you always get two mirror image blocks.
So how do I do this?
First I iron and starch my fabric.  The starch helps stabilize the fabric. This is important because you will be sewing bias edges.  (Bias: not cut along the grain lines and thus it is stretchy)
Then I layer the fabrics on the cutting mat. I sometimes layer up to six layers. I don't feel comfortable cutting more than that.
Here I have five layers - two folded pieces and a single layer.

Since I have a 16 1/2" square ruler I use that size as the basis for this.   I lay the ruler on the stack with just enough edge on the left and lower side to have a bit to cut off.
Then I cut the right and top off and remove the excess fabric. I rotate the entire mat and cut the other two sides.
As you can see I have a stack of squares the size of my ruler.  Next I pair them up  in the combinations I want.  I try to get good contrast in both color and scale of print - but at least in color.
In these two I have both. I did have a spare red square left over that I will pair with another piece later.
Then I stack a pair (and I should have done them both to speed the process.) I align that pair or pairs with the leftmost line on my cutting mat.  I make sure that I can see the inch markings on both top and bottom of the mat.  Then I take my longer straight ruler and line up the first angle cut.
Although it is small I have circled where the ruler crosses the 7 inch line at the edge of the fabric. (please ignore that the ruler is upside down - it is a straight edge and doesn't matter for this.)
The top edge is lined up with the 4 inch mark (or in this case close to it. oops)
Holding the ruler firmly I cut the angle. Then I shuffle the left section.
These will be sewn back into a rectangle -almost square. - then pressed and restacked with the seam line matching.
I don't have more pictures at this point but I think you can take it from there.  When you cut the second angle it will form a loose V or A shape with the previous seam.   In other words, the edge you lined up at 4 inches will be lined up at 4 inches again. And the side you lined up at 7 inches will be at 7 again. then press and stack again.
The other angles are done the same way from the sides that are left  with no seams. When they are completed, I trim them to 15 inches square.

If you are doing these in a different size you will have to pick markings for your angles that make a pretty block. I suggest that you experiment with it and have fun.

If you cut a line parallel to the first angle line you will NOT get mirror image blocks. Why?  I finally figured it out.  When I fold a block where I have sewn the first two angles as I showed above, the seams pretty well are mirror images of each other....and it translates the same between the two blocks. Clear as mud, right?

Have fun, I would love to see what you make with these.
Here is a mock-up of a quilt made with these that I did in EQ7
Without sashing:
and with sashing
I know it looks better without sashing, but I will most likely be sashing my quilt.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


suemac said...

I will have to admit I have not tried a wonky nine patch. It looks fun.

Vicki W said...

It looks like a fun block and I like it both ways.

Jeanna said...

Great tutorial Gene. The blocks look like they are fun to make. Sash or no sash, it is going to be a nice quilt.

Barb said...

What a wonderful tutorial!!!

Barbara said...

You are very good at showing the process, thanks for the effort that went into that! I think I like it with sashings since I feel a little dizzy without. Lol.

Linda said...

I wish I had seen this before I did my Kona solids project. I love how colorful this can be. Thank you for the tutorial!

Elaine said...

Nice Tute! Always wondered how it was done-like the effect a lot.

Susan In Texas said...

What a clever idea! I really like it without the sashing.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've posted again so you can see what I've done on my bunny quilt. I had already done the quilting when I saw your comment. I still need to do more with the straight lines - they just aren't doing it for me!!!

Take care,
Susan in Texas

Anonymous said...

You don't need to reply. =) I don't know that I agree it looks better without sashing. The sashing organizes the chaos and I like it better.