Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quilting - free (motion) and easy

First let me give you an update.  I started using a CPAP machine recently.  While I am adapting to it, I have been a little less productive.  Such is life - we take what we get - and if we are wise - perhaps we make the best of it.  Now to the quilting part of this blog post.

Leah Day would be shocked!  The Wonky Nines quilt is finally being quilted.  However, I am being "free and easy" with it.   Yes, it is free motion quilting, but there is no great effort going into making fancy quilting shapes.
The reason  will show in this first picture where you can see some of the quilting on the front.
If you look carefully in the lower right of this picture, you will see the poly batting that someone swore he would never quilt with again.  (Tip - never say "never")   For this quilt I wanted a more "old school" look to the quilting.  I wanted the higher loft puffiness that this batting will give.  So-- that is what is going inside it.  My typical hairspray basting doesn't work for this stuff.  It just doesn't stick to the poly like it does to cotton batting. So I started pinning this section.  But I didn't  find a lot of pins - where did my safety pin container get hidden? 
You can see the puffy texture.  I love it on the back.
 These fabrics actually hide the quilting pretty well.  I hope you can see the textures.
 The parchment colored fabric shows the quilting lines a little better.
This purple has a dotted swirly line that really disguises the quilting lines.

Now I need to get back to the machine!

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Free and easy is sometimes all a quilt needs. I'm not a fan of poly batt either, but my daughter uses it a lot in her baby quilts - which I get to quilt for her. Yes, free and easy is the best.

suemac said...

I have been using a CPAP for six years. It gets better. Soon you won't know how you ever slept without it.

mssewcrazy said...

I love my cpap also,take it on trips, been using for about 5 or more years. It takes a while to get used to but is so worth it. Thanks for the video using hair spray will be great for smaller projects or quilting in sections which I would definitely be doing if quilting.

Teresa Quilts said...

I love the quilting you are doing. I want to be able to quilt like that!

Barbara said...

I really like the puffy look, and your FMQ is fabulous. Do you wear any kind of gloves while you are manipulating the quilt for FMQ.?

Pat Merkle said...

I just finished quilting a quilt with puffing poly batting. Your quilt will be warm and cozy!

Barbara Arcement said...

Your quilting is very nice. I love a puffy quilt.

kathyinozarks said...

looks good Gene-I have a really difficult time getting a quilt-quilted. I have tried it on my little sewing machine and never enjoyed the process or the results, I love to hand quilt-a slow process, and I have ended up tying allot of gift quilts-my quilts are to be used so I am ok with that for some quilts.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Dang Gene....apparently you have blossomed and those quilting lines look like you were very relaxed. So smooth and lovely.

I hear you on the puffy batting stuff and the never saying never. I don't quite care for that look either however there is a time and place for all of our batting and tools.

CPAP? Ya gotta breathe if you're going to weave and quilt....good thing you got it.


Jeanna said...

Congratulations on getting the wonky nines quilted. I practiced a couple of times on FMQ and gave up. I never got the rhythm down pat. You are doing a great job!

Beth said...

The quilting looks great. I like your'free and easy' FMQ.
Hang in there with your CPAP. Just so you know, if it doesn't get better, there are different masks. My Dad could never tolerate his first machine. He now has one that works great for him and he feels much better and has more energy.

Barb said...

Great Job!!! I love free and easy!