Saturday, February 01, 2014

Year of the Horse - Designs

Greetings!  Welcome to the Chinese Year of the Green Wood Horse.  While doing my early morning web reading I came across a couple of mentions of this so I decided that I would join in.
Edgar at Blacksheep's Bit of the Web has some interesting information on this Year of the Horse.  He is in San Francisco where there is a big Asian population. This means that there is a huge parade and of course he has some insights into it simply based on location and an inquiring mind.

You probably know that I had already done the "Horse of a Different Color" in a couple of ways.
Today I found royalty free clip art of some horses and started working on digitizing them
Here are the two that I have finished and sewn out.

The top one fits in a 4" by 4" hoop and the lower one fits in a 5" by 7" hoop (to give you a size perspective.)

I am thinking of making a wallhanging using various horses.  The digitizing of them is interesting. It takes some time but I can get what I want more than using pre-digitized designs.
Do you do machine embroidery?  Do you digitize your own designs?
I am curious to know more about my readers. I love it when you share about yourselves in your comments.
And a late addition to the post:
Okay, I didn't know that!
Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


suemac said...

Love your horses. It looks like digitalizing is fun.

Beth said...

Love the horses.
I do not digitize. I don't have an embroidery machine. I have had the pleasure of working on some wonderful Janome machines. Myeyes just glaze over when digitizing comes up. LOL I am sure if I got the basics down I would have fun, but I just haven't gotten that far.

cwade1211 said...

Very interesting designs. I just discovered your blog via the Quixotic Crafter. I am a quilter and machine embroiderer. I have not digitized much due to mainly lack of ideas. I am pretty proficient with my software but haven't done much beyond editing. Your horse designs have given me some ideas! Thank you. Claudia W

Barbara said...

Like Beth's comment, I don't have the machine to do this, but it is lovely. I think I'll stick with my basic mechanical machine, but I'll be watching to see what you do with your more sophisticated machine!

Jeanna said...

Love Love Love the horses Gene.

I am now getting back into machine embroidery. Just upgraded my machine to the Quattro 3. I have not done any digitizing yet but I do have PE Design Next software that I am starting to learn. I'll let you know it goes :)

c said...

loved all the horses, especially the multi colored full horse. too bad the Bronco did not win in the year of the horse-lol