Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Classy, Very Classy

A friend I met by blogging sent me an email obviously to tempt me greatly. She told me about a manner of weaving with a Japanese beginning and a Japanese name. The process is called Saori.  The looms developed for this and used to do this weaving is a Saori loom.
I "borrowed" a statement about Saori to share with you.
SAORI teaches weavers not to fret over attempting to live up to someone else's standard of perfection.  We do strive to avoid mistakes, or to copy a pattern exactly as someone else envisioned it.  If there are loose threads, missed warps, or irregular threads, that's ok.  If a color or technique is used once and never repeated, that's ok.  Those things are all a part of our humanness. And make each and every weaving unique.

I was intrigued, so I did some searching on the internet.  I discovered HanDen Studios which is located in Peachtree City Georgia.   I saw that Handen has classes so I contacted the owner/instructor, Denise, and proceeded to sign up for a class.

So on Tuesday, I had scheduled a day off work to take the class.  After a long drive that was made longer by the route my GPS decided was "better" (not) I arrived.  I was greeted and taken into the studio - but along the way I had to look at the woven wall hangings.

Once there I was offered/assigned a loom to use that was already warped.  I could have opted to use a different loom, but I didn't.  We talked for a bit first as I was the first student to arrive. However, we didn't wait and started immediately.
I sat at this loom and was ready to start.  But first, the wall of fibers was shown to me. (I had already seen it and thought "ooh pretty!"_
Wow...a rainbow to choose from.  And of course to photograph and dream about.
I was told that I could use anything on this wall for my weaving time.  There were also some prewound bobbins and a couple of containers of other fun weaving stuff I could use.
So with some instruction, I started to weave.
This was my first time to use a boat shuttle (that is it laying on top of my warp threads.)
And here is a close up of the weaving .
I learned to insert bits of yarn or wool roving (or whatever the creative mind envisions) into the weaving.  It was very freeing and exciting to work this way.

The day was very enjoyable.  I am sure I will be incorporating some of these ideas into my weaving - and if I can see myself clear to do so, I may purchase one of these looms.  Here are some pictures of various looms that were in the studio.
Child sized "Piccolo" Loom

A loom similar to the one I used, but folded up

A four shaft version of the loom.
So when I finished for the day, I had no expectations of having anything other than knowledge to carry home with me.  But we cut my weaving from the loom so I could take it with me.  Denise offered the option of leaving it so I could make a return visit and weave on it again. If I lived closer, I most certainly would have taken that option.
As it is, I have a great wall hanging started.  I have not yet tied off the warp threads because I am still deciding on my "finish."

If you could see this in person you would see much more richness of color and more intricacies in the details.  I know that I had some weaving experience going in, but I had never used a loom where I needed my feet to move the shafts.  So it was a great learning experience.
I am showing it from both directions because I have not decided which will be the top.

If you are interested, besides HanDen Studios,  there is a list of other Saori weaving instructors/studios at the Saori Global site.  I know a couple of my readers also weave - one on a frame loom and one on a rigid heddle loom. If there is a studio close, it is a fun experience and an easy way to "try it out."

Now if you made it this far, I will tell you that tomorrow March 6th, I will be posting a giveaway!  A very Classy giveaway.  So be sure you come back - and bring(send) a friend over too!.

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible unless otherwise stated.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is a really cool post. Bet you were in heaven with all that fiber to choose from!!

Marjorie said...

That wall hanging is gorgeous. I would love to see it in person. It reminds me of things we made in art class in college--well that is, some of the other students, not me :( . Love it.

suemac said...

That class looked like it was so much fun. Looks like you have a new loom in your future.

Dot Moore said...

The colors are beautiful. You did a great job. Enjoy

Barbara said...

WOW! This is awesome! I can't imagine! The ambidexterity(?) and coordination it took to use your feet in sync with your hands is so impressive. I love your piece! Colorful as with all you do, it must have been very hard to choose the colors with so many to choose from. I vote for the top photo to become well, er...the top. I absolutely adore the way you used the poufs of yarn for embellishment. I've been using other things like charms and beads, but this gives me a whole range of new ideas. I have a feeling you won't be long in getting yet another loom, bet you already have a spot picked out in your home. ;) then how long before you will be having classes in your own home? I haven't posted my last piece yet, but will soon. It's my first with being challenged by swapping colors mid-stream on my frame loom, and I can see how a loom like this would invite that kind of creativity. A wonderful day for you!

Barbara said...

What is the composition of the yarns you used? I love the look!

Susan said...

What fun that must have been! Sounds like weaving is just as addictive as any other fiber hobby. Could there be a new loom in your future?

Denise said...

Gene, It was great having you in the studio. I would love to have you come back anytime .... maybe for a full day on a Saturday? .... If we can get our schedules to match.

Your weaving was truly beautiful. I love your energy and your use of color.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That sounds like a wonderful experience. It must have fun choosing the ingredients for your piece.

Vicki W said...

That looks like it was so much fun! At the quilt show this past weekend there was a booth demonstrating weaving. We could hardly pull my SIL away from it!

Sarah said...

What fun you had. A great post so interesting!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Amazing! I see a new loom in your future. What a fun day you had.

Barb said...

I just know you had a bang of a time with that Saori (loom) did a fantastic job as well....

Jeanna said...

Very cool Gene. I've never woven anything and never even considered this craft...until now. I love the scarves you have shared and seeing this posts really gets me thinking...

Pat said...

That looks great, Gene! Be sure to show us when you have it all finished and ready to hang.

Beth said...

I love the texture you created. Seems like a process that can be really creative and so unique.
You are amazing.

Micki said...

Glad you decided to take my suggestion up and go to the Saori Class. Loved what you did! It is an incredible way to weave and I fell in love with it immediately. I do hope you get the Saori will love it!