Saturday, March 01, 2014

Quilting and Embroidering

Saturday had three projects.  First was to finish quilting the first of three pieces that will be joined to make my Wonky Nine Patch quilt.   I had quilted on it for two or three evenings so I only had three or so of the big squares to go.
 This is more than six feet from top to bottom!

Next up was embroidering a polo shirt and a tee shirt that I had bought for Mom while on a work trip. The shirts were really inexpensive so I couldn't resist. Also, she frequently wears the tee shirt that I embroidered for her when I first got my machine.

First I did the tee shirt and decided to do an angel motif on it.  Mom loves yellow so picking out this shirt was a no-brainer.  I chose to use purple and lavender since they are complementary color of yellow.  Here you can see placement.

 Here is a close up of the design.
Next I did the polo shirt. For it I chose a floral motif.  This floral design is built into my machine.
I didn't realize until it was mostly sewn out that the flowers are orchids.  On the screen the darker pink appeared to cover more.  I love the way it turned out. But had I known, I would have used slightly different colors.  And of course here is the close up photo.

Now the day is winding down, but I need to start supper and perhaps put a warp on my loom for this week.
I hope you had a delightful Saturday.

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mssewcrazy said...

Nice that you did the shirts for your mom. I sort of like the idea of sewing a built in design as they've never seen the light of day and I'm not even sure what is in there. I probably should test sew some of them on squares sometimes that could be used for something as I over think every project to death when picking a design. The quilt is really coming along nicely. I hope eventually to do one in sections. Thanks for taking the photos and the tips.

Jeanna said...

Lovin' the wonky nines! Nice embroidery on the shirts, too. What is your favorite stabilizer for tees?

Pat said...

I actually think the pink is a perfect choice for the orchids on that lavender shirt. Your mom is a lucky gal! Nice work, Gene!

suemac said...

The orchid looks good in pink. Nice that your embroidery machine came with that pattern. The patterns in my embroidery machine are on the simple side.

Barbara said...

Your embroidery is so professional! The quilt is gorgeous, and will be a big one! Still reeling though. LOL!

Beth said...

The angel on the tee is so pretty. And the flowers on the polo look perfect! What wonderful gifts for your Mom.