Thursday, April 17, 2014

A little more quilting

I have been busy with things other than sewing, quilting and weaving. But I am trying to log a little quilting on the wonky squares quilt as often as I can.

Here are a few pictures with captions.
What Cha MaCallit quilting

Simple Channel quilting

Mis-shapen circles on a string

Freaky Feather

Modified Stipple - oops, I crossed a line!

To be honest, I am not enjoying quilting this one.  I think it is the polyester batting.  I should have stayed with my old faithful Warm and Natural (or) Warm and White batting.

In other news, I saw the Doctor today and was given a big smile when he looked at my CPAP data.  He said that I am doing really well with it and he is pleased.

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SpartanBabe said...

Congrats on your CPAP news Gene! A well-slept quilter is a happier (and healthier) quilter!! ;)

suemac said...

Great news. I am sure you are resting better.

Barb said...

Good news from the FMQ is looking good...Happy Easter!!!

andsewon said...

Your FM looks good to me! A good nights sleep is the best medicine for our health! Glad you are doing well.

Beth said...

Your quilting looks good.
Happy you are doing well on the CPAP