Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday - Fun Piecing

Saturday was a good day to do some mindless piecing.  Of course it wasn't really mindless as I kept making decisions and playing "what if" with scraps.
The intention was to make a  backing piece for the last third of my wonky blocks quilt.  However, the biggest piece is this one:
There are a lot of places with seam intersections that just might cause problems if it is on the back of a piece when I am quilting it.  And honestly, I love the look of this piece and think it deserves to become a beginning for the front of a quilt.
The other pieces are small bits that were left after making this.
This piece has a fun little curved pieced block that was left over previously

This piece was trimmed from a section of that first piece. 

These are just left over tumblers joined together.
I would love to spend the afternoon playing with more of my scraps.  Sadly, one of our church members recently passed away and the choir has been asked to be in attendance.  So I am preparing to go and sing at the funeral on this day prior to Easter.  Tomorrow morning I will be singing again in the church services. We, the choir have been asked to be there at 7:30 a.m.  for last minute instruction and (a very brief) rehearsal for the 8 a.m. service.

And so, I wish you all a Happy Easter. For those of you who are not of a Christian faith, I wish you are day of peace and joy.

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suemac said...

That looks like a lot of fun piecing.

Barbara Arcement said...

So sorry to hear about your church member's funeral.
Sending you a big happy Easter from South Louisiana.
I received my stiletto yesterday and thank you so much for the extra prize I have some ideas about what I want to use it for already i'll be going to the quilt show in Paducah Kentucky so I'll be out of pocket for a week but when I get back I want to do some serious sewing

Beth said...

Lovely fabric play!
Happy Easter.

Marjorie said...

A very Happy and Blessed Easter to you too. I love your 'mindless' piecing--it is beautiful,and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

kathyinozarks said...

Happy Easter Gene

Barb said...

Sorry about your loss...

it is always fun to play in the scraps!

Barbara said...

Just catching up after a weekend away. So many Easter thoughts in blog land. The spirit will be with you at your church services, sad to hear of a member's passing. I love your scrappy efforts, as always, and enjoy that your quilts often don't have a front and back. They are instead reversible quilts! All of your FMQ below is looking great!

Royce said...

I'm loving your wonky blocks can't wait to see the quilt. That top pic is really great and I think you are correct that it needs to be a front.

Royce said...

Goodness me I just watched your curved piecing tutorial and you made it seem so easy - I was sitting here thinking oh no pins! How exciting - I can't wait to try this - thanks so much - oh no pins I can't get over it

Linda said...

Happy belated Easter. I've been looking back over posts I've missed. You've been up to a LOT of good stuff!