Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another Chemo Cap - and Topstitching Tip

I was so happy to learn that the Chemo Cap fit.  I cut pieces for two more.  So far I have made one, all but the top-stitching.  When I was preparing to top-stitch the first one, I started looking at my sewing machine feet.  Look!  there is a foot I really don't have a clue about.about. Hmmm,  it could work!  So I did a scrap sample.  Hey, I like it.   I used this foot to topstitch the first one.  Now where is that thing????  I can't find it so the top-stitching will have to wait.

I finished sewing the first one together.  I made it reversible just for fun.
The color that is the blue brim on one side is the back of the head if you reverse it.   I got a friend to take pictures, so I am modeling it.
 See how the inside edged out since it wasn't top-stitched?   I will top-stitch it later.
Side view of it. 
I just think this pink on white print is great with the blue. Sadly I didn't have a large enough piece of the pink on white to make a brim from it.  I could have pieced it, but I didn't want any extra seams to rub her head which can be tender when chemo causes the hair to fall out.

 Here it is sitting on the cutting mat.

And look! I have pieces cut to make another one.  Check out that peacock print!
I also made one turban type cap.  I sewed this one with my regular machine.  The next time I make these I will use the serger.
Since I did face shots on these, I decided to play with them in the photo editor.   I did not edit the turban portion at all though.

  (You can see the stitches in that seam. sigh!) 

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sarah c said...

Wonderful prints. Very cheerful-

jdqltr said...

I really like the turban. You have a lucky aunt to have such a great nephew. Those hats will be very welcome!

Barbara said...

I hope you are ready for the demand, Gene. I have a friend who had to deal with cancer, and she was so uncomfortable in the paper gowns she had to wear for her radiation treatments that she designed pretty cotton gowns to be worn instead. Everyone undergoing the same treatment wanted one, and she is now creating them full time instead of continuing her career as a vet tech. I think your pretty caps could take off in the same way once the word is out!

suemac said...

My daughter wore chemo turbans when she had her treatments.

SewCalGal said...

Those are really the nicest chemo caps I've ever seen. Great job. Cheerful too!


Susan said...

These chemo caps are awesome, Gene! I'm sure your aunt will appreciate having them to wear while she goes through chemo. (Best wishes for good health to her!) I have a friend who just started chemo...I'll have to see if she might like some for herself.

Barb said...

You are just going to town on these....she will be so happy to be styling while not feeling well.

Beth said...

The reversible cap rocks!!! Such pretty colors.
That turban will have to bring some happy into any day. Love the bright color.

Tangos Treasures said...

God bless you!! I know she will be ready to wear these with pride! You did an AWESOME JOB!!