Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chemo Caps -again

I have enjoyed making the Chemo Caps.   I have found several free patterns.  The latest one I have tried is Millie's Tie Hat.  Clicking that link will take you to the pattern.

I made two of them on Monday.  One will be for my aunt and one for my niece's co-worker.   Here they are:

Notice the ties -that s where you can see the lining!

Notice the ties -that s where you can see the lining!

On my (large) head they are more snug than on the gourd that so graciously acted as a model. When I put it on my head I prefer the way it looks with the "brim" flipped up -like in the bottom picture.  I love these fabrics!

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Debbie said...

They're beautiful, Gene. I love your banner!

Jeanna said...

I like this style and of course the fabulous fabrics. You are on a roll with these. Your aunt is going to have quite a selection to choose from.

Jean said...

Beautiful chemo caps, and using the gourd is great. As the old saying goes, Necessity is the mother of invention. Your sharing is a blessing to the receivers.

Barbara said...

These are lovely! Keep making them. The joy will end up being spread far and wide.

Royce said...

Very happy colors Gene.


hopping over from Finished Friday from Richard and Tanya's quilts. lovely work, stop by my blog for giveaway

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Lovely fabric choices. My sister did chemo summer before last and we made her caps too. She's doing well-I hope your peeps are gaining on the damn disease too.