Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chemo Caps

An aunt is about to have chemo and she is concerned about losing her hair.   I don't blame her!  Mine has receded enough that I really understand it.   So I decided to find a pattern and make her a chemo cap or maybe several.   I found a great pattern that is free at
The second one is the PDF that has the pattern pieces you need to print and cut out.
 The pattern was written by Judy Danz.  Since I have chatted with Judy via email and we are friends on FaceBook,  I let her know I was using the pattern.
The cap is reversible, but I used the same fabric for inside and outside since I was just figuring it out.  The next one(s) will be more creative with the fabric choices.

So I decided to sew one up and see how it came out.  This is one of those things that quilters think "what?" about.  Sewing clothes is not usually our forte.  Ha ha.  I will say that this was a bit of a challenge.  When I realized I had to sew curves- after I had cut out the obviously curved pieces - I semi-panicked. Then I said "I can do this!  I will sew it like I do free pieced curves."
It worked great that way!  I just pinned at the ends and center.

So here it is sewn and laying on my sewing table:

And here it is on my oversized -or as my cousin, Carl, would say - Punkin Head.  It seems that several of us in our family have large heads.

It is snug on my head.  So, I plan to send it to my aunt to try on and report back to me before I make another one.
Now I am thinking that I may make the pattern bigger and make me at least one of them to wear when I do anything dusty or messy.  (or if I am just having a bad hair day!)

I am really glad that I am able to do something to help my dear aunt while she is going through this difficult time.

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ShirleyC said...

That's a very nice things for you to do, and I'm sure she will love them.

Tangos Treasures said...

Came out great!!
Nancys Notions has a free pattern too. Its made from tshirt fabric. Your head gets very sensitive from the chemo. Its hard to find one with no seams that touch the head. I had planned on making some to donate to the cancer center here, but I havent felt great :( enough to do it yet.
Sending prayers for your Aunt!!

Jennifer said...

.Prayers being prayed for your Aunt. I think you did a good job:)

Barb said...

I have a bad hair day every day...might need to make me a coupls....What a wonderful thing for you to do....what a wonderful nephew. Much love and prayers your way.

Petit Design Co. said...

great job, and I know your aunt will appreciate it. I made some for a friend of mine not to long ago as well. As someone else mentioned, you don't want any rough (serged seams) I think I used pinking shears so the fabric would stay soft.

Unknown said...

As a cancer survivor myself, let me say this is AWESOME! I made the majority of my head wraps when I had chemo because I didn't like those I found. It was also summer, like your aunt will have, and lots of charities make warm hats, but nothing for summer.

I made the front end fatter so it could absorb all the sweat (chemo made me sweat profusely...and again...summer).

I ended up cutting them all up last year to celebrate not needing them again (because I've had 4 recurrence scares). They are going to go into a "selfish sewing" memory quilt of my journey.

I recently made some head scarves for a friend and I'm like you - UGH, CURVES! I also had to hand sew the band and I couldn't stand it...so I machine sewed it anyway!

One thing that is nice is to make different sizes for her. Here's why. She's going to have differing sizes of heads through this....thinning, more thinning (but I cut, buzzed, and pulled out, then buzzed again mine), baldness, more baldness...then growing back - and need different sizes for that journey back to "normal". Well, the new normal, which for me meant a ton of Chemo Curls. But hats I wore when bald I couldn't wear when my hair was growing back because I needed a larger size for the new hair!

If you make something that's a bit adjustable that is helpful.

But again, thanks from a survivor!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, the majority of what I made myself were just large bandannas. Store bought ones were not big enough, so I just made huge squares and then folded them in a triangle and rolled them up, then tied them in the back. It was a fun way to use up cute fabrics!

Unknown said...

Me again. I've had this pattern marked to make some scrub caps for favorite medical staff and family/friends of those in the hospital who have to use them. They are great for that, too!

Jeanna said...

A very sweet thing to do for your Aunt. I'll be praying for her to have peace and comfort while getting her treatments.

I love the fabric you used on her cap.

Beth said...

Great cap. I will keep your aunt in my prayers.

Kathleen said...

Your aunt will have the coolest chemo caps. A beautiful gesture on your part. I'm not surprised you thought to do this.

We are: Clamco said...

Gene, You are so sweet to do that for your aunt. I have very thin hair on top and I don't want to wear a wig, so I wear head wraps that are kind of like a bandanna but with an elastic back, (no uncomfortable knot). I buy them on Etsy from various sellers and I've been wearing them for about 10 years, so I have a big variety. They're the perfect accessory here in lower Alabama because the gulf breezes are always blowing and/or it rains so suddenly sometimes too.

Barbara said...

Very special, can see this taking the sting out of your aunt's hair loss. She will cover the space with love.

kathy said...

What a fabulous use of your sewing skills. The comments were very helpful.
Thanks for commenting on my giveaway -turquoise pouch. I'm off to explore more of your blog.