Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sewing for Food

Quite a while back I made a bowl cozy for my soup/oatmeal bowls.   I confess that I love oatmeal.  In fact one of my favorites is an instant by Better Oats.  They have added flax to the oatmeal.
 Yes it even comes in a DARK CHOCOLATE version - but that is not my favorite. I love the Maple and Brown Sugar or the Strawberry or Peach kinds best.
One of the clever things about this brand is that the pouch works as a measuring cup so my bowl and spoon are all that gets dirty.
But the bowl is always HOT coming out of the microwave.  And I like to sit at the computer and eat breakfast.  So the bowl cozy protects my fingers from the heat.

Here is the one I made previously:
It got dirty and was in the laundry when I needed it -so I decided to make a couple more. 

I thought I had lost the directions so I looked for a tutorial.  Then I cut fabric and batting to make two.  I made one  - and I didn't like it much - but I will use it.
So I looked for better directions and found them.  Then I cut more batting and made the second one.  Ahhh perfection.  Now as I am writing this I found the original directions I used.  Ha ha... they are the ones I used for the second one.  (I have added a bookmark!)
So here they are:
 Both side by side they look almost the same....but the one on the left is a bit flimsy and only has one layer of batting. The one on the right has two layers and is nicer.
the not as good one

The GOOD ONE- it is much firmer and easier to use.
It also fits the bowl better because the instructions were designed to make it fit exactly. 
I finished "the other project" and will be taking pictures of it soon, but I still can't show it for a few days.

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Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

When I am not making steel cut oats or buckwheat cereal the Better Oats instant are my favorites! Or were. I have a new one. Earnest Eats Hot and Fit.
Great tutorial! Thank you Gene

sarah c said...

A good idea.

Barbara said...

This is really cool! I can see this project becoming as popular as mug rugs. Thanks!

Unknown said...

great idea... I need to make some of those. :)

Jennifer said...

hhhummm I could use one of them:) Looks good

suemac said...

The maple and brown sugar is my favorite too, They are so easy to make with the pouch/measuring cup.

Beth said...

I am not an oatmeal fan, but I could use a bowl cozy for soup.

kathyinozarks said...

great idea!