Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quilting inside the Box

The title here is a play on words.  These adorable little fabric boxes have been showing up all over blogs.   Needless to say, I had to make one. Yes, I am sure I will make more.

I have a confession. I don't follow directions well. I do read them, in fact I am obsessive about reading directions.  I got going as I was making this and left out one important step.  I forgot to quilt it!  So the corners were ripped out- and of course I had double sewn them for strength.  That makes for tedious ripping out of stitches.   Once that was done, it was quilted and then re-sewn.

You can see that these boxes are a great way to have a few sewing supplies at hand.  I put Aurifil goodness along with my scissors and a wood turned seam ripper that I got as part of a gift basket.  I love the heft of it.  I used it to rip out those corner seams and it worked like a charm.
I had planned on some really cute buttons that I bought in Mexico, but I couldn't find them.  They are stored safely away.  Ha ha. So these black buttons were used.  Actually they probably go better with the fabric than the ones I had planned to use.

I found the tutorial for the fabric box at Seaside Stitches. If you click that link it will take you right to it.

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Holee said...

These are so handy! I have one for my medicines I take daily, one with daily makeup in, one holds special cards I send..yes, hand written & sent by the post office! I have one I covered with plastic before I sewed it that I use for recipes I use often and have made these for gifts with my favorite recipes included. I also made my son one out of his old jeans for his desk. Much easier to dust when you only have to pick up a bucket!

By the way, your weaving is coming along great! I weave with a group so I can't really claim fame for the end results since many hands have helped. I need to get a smaller one like yours for my house. Maybe this winter!

Beth said...

I have been thinking about those little fabric boxes lately. I think I need to make a bunch of them for my quilty friends.

suemac said...

You made me in the mood to make some more fabric baskets. They are so cute.

kathy said...

This is how i sew too.
Read directions, sew, forget one step......

Barb said...

Love it, my only problem is, if I have a box, basket or anything that will hold something next to my sewing machine it gets filled to the brim...hummmmmmm

Jeanna said...

Oh yes, that sounds like something I would do....forget a step...undo whatever had to be UNdone and make it right.

Love it Gene!

Elaine said...

Well, I must not be hitting the basket blogs as this is my first exposure to the baskets. How cute they are. I have several seam rippers and they never get rusty because of constant use.