Tuesday, June 03, 2014

What a DAY!

Today has been amazing.
Yesterday Mom and I went to visit her sister who is having chemotherapy.  I had made her seven chemo caps to wear.  She had me use the clippers to remove the hair that was left on her head.  Then I put one of the caps on her.  She said "Oh I want to save this one to use when I go back for Chemo. It will be my Sunday-go to meeting-cap." So I put a different one on her. Ha ha.

Today I woke naturally - no alarm clock, no light turning on to wake me.  It was wonderful.  Then I got ready and headed out.  Where?  I went to Peachtree City, Georgia which is south of Atlanta.  There I got my new loom!!!!
This is it.  Thankfully it is very portable so I can move it easily.  It even fits in the back seat of my compact car when it is folded.  (and I can fold it with the work in progress!)  For the moment it is in my kitchen where I set it to just weave "for a minute."  Ha! There you can see it was more than a minute.   I now have yarns on four bobbins and have even put some inclusions in the fabric.
See those bits in the yellow section?  (purple, pink even a different yellow)  There is also a bit you can see in the aqua section.
 This is the boat shuttle turned sideways so you can see the Saori name on it. The bobbin fits inside the boat shuttle. That little hole is where the thread/yarn feeds out as you throw the shuttle through the warp.
You can see the boat shuttles started through on this one.

But, that is not all! I also got a package from the guy in the brown uniform today. 
Quilter's Newsletter had a giveaway in celebration of having over 100, 000 fans on Facebook.  I couldn't resist entering.  So what was in the box? A treasure trove of quilting delights.
 A TrueCut rotary cutter, the book Color For Quilters, and some Quilter's Grips.
 A lovely collection of fat quarters.  This is Briarcliff by Audrey Wright from RJR Fabrics. While it isn't the entire collection, it is a lovely representation and I love it!

 This New York Beauty Template from Ready Templates - I guess I will have to attempt sewing those points.  Ha ha.  It will be a good challenge.
Then there is this little quilt hanger for a mini-quilt.. I love the sewing machine design.    There were a couple of other things I didn't photograph.  There is a Silver Marking pencil, both a medium and large set of Clover Clam Shell forms and finally a large plush ironing pad to put under my ironing board cover. 

Wow! What a day!  I may not leave the house for a month.   Well,  I will because I have a party to attend Friday night and Church on Sunday..and..and.......
Someone told me I would be busier AFTER I retired.  I think they may have been correct. 

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Barb said...

Your loom is awesome...I see some awesome things coming from your blog.

What a win, I should know never to enter a giveaway if you are in it...you have the luck of the Irish.

Pat said...

HA! Yes...I know I have told you that you'd be busier in retirement BUT that it would be "fun" kinds of busy. Looks like you are off to a great start. Sweet story about the relative and the chemo caps. You are a good person, Gene!

Vicki W said...

What a great start to your retirement!

Jeanna said...

I knew your Aunt would love her chemo caps. It was awesome you made those for her

Congratulations on your new loom. Can't wait to see the beautiful items you create with this one. I may have to ask for another scarf.

kathy said...

It's so nice to hear your aunt has some humor about her caps & chemo.
Good job giving her a wonderful selection.

Barbara said...

Ahhhh...retirement! Know you are loving it. You are certainly enjoying, that's for sure.

suemac said...

Sweet new loom. Have fun. Is this the loom you went to see a while back?

Four dogs and one quilter said...

Wonderful to wake up without an alarm clock isn't it! Enjoy your new loom.

emmy said...

Glad your chemo caps were appreciated. We make a lot of them for our local cancer society. I can tell you will enjoy your new loom in your retirement. After a couple of day you will wonder how you worked and got anything done.

Kathleen said...

Gene, I can't wait to see the lovely creations that will be coming off this loom! I don't think you will have any trouble keeping busy during your retirement, you are such a talented person.

Patti Williams said...

Gene, I will miss seeing the finished product in "real life". Glad you are enjoying yourself!

Patti Williams said...
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Elaine said...

How kind of you to make those chemo caps for your loved one-I bet she felt special. Nice loom and win! Retirement is the best! Friday when I would have been at work, I am at a sit and sew and today when I would have normally been cleaning, I am going to a fabric dying class because I can clean Monday. You were prolific before retirement-you will be a Wanda now:)