Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Happy and Blessed

After attending the opening session of the Saori Conference, I really really wanted to take more classes.  I had discovered that you could have signed up for the Post Conference workshops only. But I was too late as all the arrangements for food and such had been final for a while - yes - it was after the cut-off time.   I really didn't know about the cut-off though. So I just emailed the conference organizer and asked if it was possible that I could come for the classes.
What a surprise!  She had a student who had to leave early and wouldn't be there for the Post Conference classes.  I had met this lovely lady while there earlier. She gifted me her classes.  When I found this out, I started looking for a hotel.
I found a hotel nearby and in my price range -although at the higher end of it. I was ready to book when I got a text on my cell phone. It seems the conference organizer asked a lady who lives in the local area if she had an open room I could stay in.   This is a lady who was taking a class and weaving a lovely scarf on the day I bought my loom.   She and her husband were an absolute delight!  I chatted with both of them on Sunday evening over supper. Then, of course I chatted with her during free times at the class and in between classes.  It was a delight.
I learned so many things that I can do on my loom.
We were also shown how to drape the woven fabric on a dress form to design clothing with minimal cutting of the woven fabric.  Masako, the lady who did the designing as we watched, is a genius in creative clothing design.
Here is a picture of Masako during the design process.
Masako smiled most of the time we were there.  She clearly is a joyfully creative person.  I know that the creative process brings much joy into my life. My wish is that you have the joy of creativity in your life also.

I will have more pictures from these classes as I have time to process them.

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kathyinozarks said...

what an awesome learning experience for you Gene, and so happy you found friendly housing too-so excited for you!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Isn't it humbling and exciting when we are gifted by people who are so willing to give? It is a double blessing. May we all look around and be aware of who to bless and extend grace to. It sounds like you were able to learn and go miles ahead in your understanding and skills. Thanks for sharing.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It was truly meant to be that you could attend the class and have affordable housing. I'm sure you will be showing us some wonderful things in the future.

Beth said...

Great luck ending up in the classes. And ou will put all that information to use I am sure.

Barb said...

It is amazing how lucky you are but I am a believer in "What goes around comes around" and you are one of the most awesome people ever.