Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Welcome to July - June Wrap-up

Wow,  my first month of retirement is over.  It went by really fast.  Looking back, I can see why.  I started out by getting my new loom.  That was a full day trip - and a large expenditure, but so worth it!
I used the loom to weave fabric that I sewed into this shirt/vest.
I used the leftover fabric to make this infinity scarf.
Then I wove this scarf and found out that I need to know more about animal fiber yarn. Some of the alpaca yarn was too stretchy.
I sewed a table topper (which at this point is still a flimsy.) This was from a kit I was given.
I made a fabric box,
sewed out an embroidery bookmark,
And somewhere in amongst all that, I managed to make a priest stole for our interim pastor who had her last Sunday with us on June 20th.
Now for an update - She loves the stole.  She was all smiles and grins.  Several times she thanked me profusely.  Here is a photo of us just after it was given.

If you see the sign above her head, well it fits.  But honestly it was part of the decoration for "A Southern Celebration -and SendOff"  We had lots of Southern food and hilarious Southern sayings hanging from the ceiling of the parish hall.   My favorite was probably "Bless her little thumpin' gizzard" - I can imagine one of my aunts or great-aunts saying those very words.

I hope your June was glorious and that your July is also wonderful.
Peace Y'all!

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Marjorie said...

Oh yes, we love those Southern sayings. After my Mom's first stroke and before the stroke that disabled her, I asked her to write in her own handwriting all the sayings she could remember. I then scanned and printed them onto fabric and made quilts for all my siblings. Love those sayings. My favorite "Well, bless her heart, she . . ."

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

you really did have a productive month! And a learning curve with the yarn. The stole took a lot of thought and time too. Happy second half of the year!!

quiltmom anna said...

Wow what a great body of work in one month, Gene. Your weavings are gorgeous- and it appears that you are having lots of fun using that time that you now have to play.
Love seeing all your beautiful creations.

Beth said...

Somehow I missed the fact that you got a new loom. But I was gone and not always able to check the blogs.
Lots of beautiful things you created last month.

Jeanna said...

Yes, I recall of those exciting things as well as MY Auburn scarf. Which by the way, my cousins are super crazy about! They know where to find you ;)

JJ said...

Looks like you were one busy person. I love southern sayings. I didn't appreciate them as a child but as an adult living in the northwest, I kinda miss hearing them.