Friday, August 08, 2014

My little quilt start - and more

My charm pack and some fun batiks are coming along into a quilt very nicely.  I sewed a few blocks and put it on my mini-design wall.
I am doing a variation on the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I changed it up to make 6 1/2" blocks so the charm squares would work like I wanted them to work. The picture came out pretty wonky but I didn't want to re-take it - so deal with it. Ha ha.

Those Modern Neutrals play really nicely with the batiks I chose to use. They are Hoffman Batiks AND Island Batiks - I never met a batik I didn't like!
Here are the pieces I cut.
My math was not good.  (I really didn't think it through.) So I have lots of scrappy bits  But that is just fine.  I will use these as insertions - or as we call them in Saori, TREASURES.
In other news, I have started learning to spin wool and other fibers into yarn.   I have one drop spindle but it is a heavy one. So I decided to try making my own with polymer clay (sculpey, fimo - etc.)
Here are two and you can see that they work by the yarn on the dowel,
The dark yarn is a merino wool. The white/orange is bamboo which is really soft and shiny.  Both of these spindles wobble, but they still spin nicely.

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kathyinozarks said...

I can't tell you how much I have wanted to learn to spin-and I have everything too-spindles, wheels, books-good for you I have never got the hang of the spindle so I need to just go to the wheel-this winter I have plans for lots of weaving, and spinning too

Petit Design Co. said...

That is really neat Gene. I want to learn how to spin yarn but I don't really knit. I can crochet but I don't usually finish my projects :)
We are actually thinking of adding sheep to our micro farm thus my interest in fleece, yarn etc.

Jeanna said...

I really like the quilt Gene. Your right, those charms go great with your batiks.

Now you've added spinning to your list of talents...good for you!

Rhonda said...

Gene, you are so talented......spinning your own yarn has got to be fun!!

Beth said...

Love the colors on your work in progress.
I have seen the spindles being used before. I find spinning facinating.
Will you be getting sgeep next? ;)


You know, I am not a Batik person, but starting to see the need for them in Art quilts..
I follow your blog by email, I was wondering if you would be interested in a couple giveaways ! My friend Mara is in a contest here is the link. When you vote you are automatically entered into the Singer giveaway.

Barbara said...

My daughter does this with a drop spindle. It's not for me, but she makes amazing yarns from roving.