Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy Labor Day (USA)

Hi Folks,   I have been enjoying the long holiday weekend with a friend who works.  We have done a lot of "goofing off" - and I am teaching him to weave a little. In the process, I put  a warp on the big rigid heddle loom for me to use as a demo.  I set up the smaller Cricket loom for him to use.
I got lost in the weaving and made this long piece of fabric. It is 90 inches long and eleven inches wide.
I am thinking I will make more and sew it up as a jacket or coat for fall/winter.  I put it around my neck (just goofing off)  and really liked what I saw.  That gave me the idea.  It looked something like this:
Ha one will miss me wearing a coat that looks like this.   Now I have to weave more fabric.

Hey, don't forget to enter my LapelStick giveaway. I may throw in an extra surprise for the winners.
Have a great day.

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Barbara said...

Gorgeous! I like the yellow slipped in there, perfect?

Barbara said...

Ooops, not a question mar, meant an exclamation point as in "Perfect!"

Barbara Arcement said...

lovely scarf. Your weaving is always so pretty

Kathleen said...

What a lovely way to get lost!

Beth said...

The way the weaving comes out is really fascinating. Love this piece.
Did your friend get hooked on weaving?

Jeanna said...

Great colors! Yes...must weave more :)