Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quilting Mojo and more

At some point, my wonky nine patch quilt got pushed to the back burner.  My goodness, I think April was the last time I posted about this quilt!
Recap:  I am doing this quilt in three sections.  It is wonky nine patch blocks with sashing.  I am using a poly batting (that is harder to quilt!)
Here is a picture from "way back" showing some of the blocks.

I had finished quilting one third of this quilt and had started on the second third when I lost my mojo for it. The poly batting is to blame I think.  I still feel like I am wrestling alligators to quilt it.
But today, I finished quilting the second section.

While the quilting isn't quite "up to par" - it is quilted.  Once I quilt the last section I will join the sections with strips as I learned in Marguerita McManus'  books:

Finish (almost) Any Quilt

However,  that method uses pins and I don't like getting stuck. I mean, let's face it, I am clumsy.  So I am going to use LapelStick to hold the strips in place as I join the sections. 

Now I will let you in on a little secret.  Keep an eye on my blog.  I will be offering a special deal to my readers. We are talking major bargain!  I can't spill the beans just yet, but I think you will find it to be a great deal on a product that will save you some work and make life easier. (hint: look in the previous paragraph.)   As soon as I am told "Go with it" and have the coupon code to share with you, I will do a special post AND put it on my sidebar for your convenience. 

I have done a little bit of weaving to get ready for the ((((yikes!!!) holidays. They seem to be approaching too quickly.  But I do plan to be ready.  So I have woven these two scarves. 
Soft and snuggly colorwash scarf

Gimme Sparkle scarf

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Barb said...

You have a lot going on there...and I like surprises...

Barbara said...

Love the scarves, especially the second one. All you had to say was sparkly, and I love it! The wonky quilt is being hand quilted? You are such an expert at FMQ! Curious why you chose by hand. No matter how, it will be awesome!

suemac said...

The scarves are beautiful.

craftspacecontinuum said...

Decided to start following your blog. Your quilt has a lot of rhythm/movement, it fun. I spin yarn but have never tried weaving. I'm inspired by your weaving projects.

Beth said...

Lovely scarves. Can hardly wait to see the wonky nine patches all together.

Happy stitching.

kathyinozarks said...

Love your scarves Gene, the wonky quilt will be fun to use when all finished-I don't like poly batting either

Jeanna said...

Your wonky 9 patch is coming along Gene. One more alligator and your done!!!