Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Special Days and Angels Among Us

Today is a special day for me.  It is my birthday.  I am not fishing for birthday wishes. Indeed I have been inundated with them even before breakfast.   It is not special that I was born on this day.  What is special is that I have lived another year and seen kindness and love in the hearts of good people.

I would like to share with you one of my projects about which I am passionate.  Many of you have read about it before. Some of you have participated; and for that I love you.

This project I am speaking of is the Quilt Angels.  The Angels are dear kind and loving people who are willing to donate a quilt to show love and hope to teens who often feel unloved.  They have "learned" that the world can be a hard and unforgiving place. Some of them have never felt safe even in their own homes.  Some of them have been removed from dangerous homes or situations and now feel a fear of the world.  Can a child of fourteen thrive and succeed with that view of the world? Can anyone?

That is where Angels come in.  Each year I ask for my readers and their friends to become Angels.  By sending a quilt, which will be given to a teen in the shelter, you become one of our Angels.  The quilts should be at least 45 by 60.   A bed-sized quilt is even better as they can sleep under it each night for years and be reminded that there is love in the world.
There is a tab at the top of my blog labeled 'Quilt Angels'.  On that page there are links to past posts with more information about the project.
I will be finishing my "Wonky Nine Patch" quilt to go for this project. The photo below shows only one section in the planning stages.

I may also make an additional quilt if time permits.

So, if I can persuade you to be a Quilt Angel, my birthday will indeed be a happy one. I am declaring December 15th the "get it to us by"  date for 2014.  We like to deliver on the week prior to the week of Christmas if possible. However, a late quilt will be taken to the shelter and given to  a teen who comes into the program after the Christmas distribution.

Have a Beautiful Day,

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Barb said...

Happy Birthday GEne!!! Such a fabulous thing you do each year...you must be the lead angel!!

suemac said...

Gene, Happy Birthday. Sounds like a great reason for me to finish up some of my UFO's.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have two quilts done and ready to be sent to you. Do you like any special kind of label on these?

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I know you are not fishing for Happy Birthday wishes....but you just so happened to have caught one:


Hugs and Smiles,

Barbara said...

Holy Moly, Gene, how can anyone not want to become one of your angels after reading your heartfelt post!!! I will see what I can do!
Oh....by the way, happy birthday! :)

Susan said...

Happy birthday, Gene! What a great way to celebrate...by doing for others!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Gene.

Since I have not been sewing because of the broken ankle, I am not sure if I can get a quilt done, HOWEVER I do have a lot of finished tops so I will see if I can get one quilted in time. I will let you know asap.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you Gene. What a lovely gesture to make donation quilts for teens in crisis.
Would you email me at (celiaambrose@hotmail.com) the address to send a quilt to? I will try to get one done before the date you stated in Dec.

ShirleyC said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet way to share love!