Monday, November 17, 2014

Can YOU be an Angel?

Back in July, I put out the first call for quilts for the Quilt Angels project.   For those reading who are not aware of the project, let me give a brief history.

In 2011,  a friend heard of a need in a youth shelter for quilts to help keep the youth warm.  The youth in this shelter are there because for some reason home is not a safe place for them to be.  It could be due to physical abuse or just a bad home situation.  Regardless of "why" they are there, they need to feel some love and know that humanity is basically good.   I personally know some of the people who work in this shelter.  They provide a great environment for the youth that are there.  They teach them skills to live a productive life.   But all of them need to know that there are people out in the "real world" who are loving and giving.

This is where some of you can help. Many of my readers make quilts.  Some have donated a quilt each year since 2011 to this ministry of love.  A couple of my readers have already sent quilts for this year. ***A big THANKS to you***   But suddenly it is mid-November.  Where did the time go?   We are still in need of some quilts to warm the hearts (and bodies) of these young people.
The quilts should be at a minimum 45 by 60 inches, but twin size of bigger is much better.  The pattern can be simple or complex.  The important thing is that the quilt be sturdy. If possible put a simple label on the quilt with something like "Made with love for you by someone in (your state)"  You can include your name if you wish.

Due Date:  We would like to have the quilts here by December 15th this year.  If you are running late/cutting it close please keep me updated.  Thanks!

I do wish I could post pictures of the youth as they receive the quilts, but for privacy reasons I can't do that.   Let me assure you that I have seen joy, awe and huge smiles when the boys and girls receive their quilts.   The quilts with labels often get comments such as "Wow!  this quilt came from  Virginia! That is a long way off."  (it could be any state, I just used Virginia since I do remember hearing that once. )

If you have already promised a quilt for this year and haven't sent it, do send me an email or make a comment here.

Thank you for considering this. For those who have participated and those who have helped by  spreading the word, I thank you wholeheartedly.

Here is a picture from delivery day 2011 - the first year we did this.
Please help me to make this happen again this year.  
I would really like to wrap each youth in the shelter in the love that is a quilt. 
If you want more information or links to some of the past Quilt Angels project posts, there is a tab at the top titled Quilt Angels.

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Michele said...

I just have to put a label on my quilt. Hopefully I can get that done this week and pop it in the mail. I'm not sure if I still have the address from last year. Can you let me know again? Thanks Michele Gailey

Lynn said...

I am planning to have one to send in early December.

Lisa said...

I'm aiming for early December too. I think I need your address also. Thanks Gene!

Marjorie said...

Add me to the list again this year.