Sunday, December 21, 2014

Quilt Delivery Day - Quilt Angels

So many wonderful people assisted with the Quilt Angel project.  I would like to thank all the Angels who made and donated quilts to this project.  We had nineteen quilts to deliver this year. Here are a couple of pictures of them getting ready to go for delivery.

We decided it best to not take any pictures or video of the teens receiving these gifts of love due to privacy issues.  However, in the coming weeks, I will be posting video(s) of the director of the home speaking about the teens and the shelter.  I have a short video ready that shows the fireplace and some of the decorations that are in place on the mantle.
If you watch closely you will see the quilts in a stack on the right side of the screen.  There was much joy and fun as quilts were chosen and loved.  One guy picked a quilt and then got so excited when he saw the label.  You see he was born in Kansas and the quilt label said "Made with love for you by someone in Kansas."   This quilt will always be special to him for many reasons.  I loved the smile that I saw on his face.  (Thanks to you Kansas quilter for that smile!)

Another joy that I found was looking around on the walls of the shelter. There were a number of inspirational and instructional signs.  These two, side by side, really touched me.
I hope you all find your wings, spread them and fly.  Peace with you in this season of joy and love.  One of my wall quilts also found a home in the shelter.
This quilt will be hanging on a high wall adding a spark of sunlight into the area.

Again, I thank all of the Quilt Angels and supporters.  I challenge those of you who can to be ready next year to send a quilt made with love to this wonderful project.

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Petit Design Co. said...

What a great thing you have started! I'm so glad that these teens get to know that someone cares enough to send them a quilt.

Vicki W said...

That's wonderful and your art quilt will be perfect there!

Barb said...

Love the fireplace.

I always look forward to your videos. What you are doing is an awesome thing Gene....I know that those that participated enjoyed being an angle for you.

Barbara said...

Heartwarming post, Gene.

suemac said...

Such a lovely stack of quilts going to good homes.

Beth said...

Such a wonderful project. Love to hear about the teens getting their quilts.

Rhonda said...

Another great successful year. Way to go!!