Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quilt Angels - a Video Thank You

The video has finally been edited and is available to view.  This is the program director talking about the Ogden House program AND thanking all of the Quilt Angels and supporters.

If you make quilts and can donate one for this great cause, we would love for you to participate this year. The call will go out on my blog later in the year but you can start now.

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Barb said...

This such an awesome cause, thanks for showing this video...just fabulous!!

Lynn said...

Thank you for the video! It was so nice to see where the quilts go and to learn more about what they do. I know putting together a video is a lot of work. Your hard work on it is appreciated!

Michele said...

thank you Gene for showing us this video. I loved learning more about the house and what they do. I've got my 2015 quilt top done. First quilt of the year! I'm going to try to machine quilt it myself, instead of sending it out to the longarm ladies. I'm looking to be done with the quilting this weekend, binding next week! Whew! Maybe I'll even do a 2nd one! Thanks again for working with the director and showing us the home.

kathyinozarks said...

thank you Gene

craftspacecontinuum said...

What a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing this video. It's nice to know there are organizations like this out there helping our young people.