Monday, February 23, 2015

Fun with Fiber

This past Saturday I went to a Saori Kai - a Kai is a time of sharing. We did some weaving, some sharing of techniques and just had a good time in general.  I made a few new friends, too.

I took my loom and wove on the piece I have had on it for a while now.  Today I see that I am nearing the end of the warp. The warp at the threads that run the length of the fabric.  So far i have over six yards of fabric.  I am not sure if it will reach seven yards but that would be great.
 There is a little drawing on the picture collage showing the cloth that is still wrapped on the cloth beam.
I showed you my coat that I made - but now I have a photo of me modeling it at the Kai.
(although not a great photo - I screen captured it from a video) 

One day last week I did some more yarn dyeing.  You can dye wool with drink mix (like KoolAid) and with food coloring.  Here is my yarn.

I also sewed a new shave kit from my travel bag but at the moment I don't have a photo of it.  I will try to have that tomorrow - there is a story of the mess I made.
I hope you are staying warm if you are in the "deep freeze" area much of the USA is experiencing

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kathyinozarks said...

I really enjoyed the photos and your hand dyed yarn is really pretty love all the different bits of colors in it-I am anxious to learn some of those tapestry techniques in the saori weaving-loving your yardage too beautiful color

Barbara said...

Your yarn on the loom is almost as pretty as the finished cloth. I have dyed with food coloring but found it isnt waterproof. Is your woven cloth made with this wool yarn to be washed? I bet your mess is a beautiful mess. ;)

SueR said...

I have a fiber friend that dyes with koolaid too. I can't understand why it doesn't wash out. I don't think you can dye cotton (quilting) fabric with koolaid, which is also a natural fiber. Any thoughts?