Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I love a Mystery - Book Review

One of my alltime favorite types of book is a mystery, particularly a fast moving story with lots of clues, misdirection and red herrings.   I am a member of NetGalley so sometimes I get to read a book digitally before it is published.  The books are provided to me free of charge and I in turn give an honest review.

The book I just finished  - almost breathlessly - is Lowcounty Boneyard by Susan M. Boyer.  The protagonist in the book is a female detective named Liz Talbot.  I had previously read Lowcounty Bombshell, so this was an easy choice.

I love Ms. Boyer's style of writing; it immediately draws me into the story. In this tale, Liz is hired to look for a 23 year old heiress who has vanished without a trace.  Kent Heyward's case has been given up on by the police, but her parents are hoping that she can be found.  The police line is that she got tired of her overbearing parents and orchestrated her own disappearance.

During the investigation, Liz discovers many of the "fine old family's" secrets.  But are any of those tied to Kent's disappearance?  Liz has one unusual secret of her own:  she has a ghost who helps protect her from harm - and it is a very good thing.  Someone doesn't want Liz to continue her investigation.  But who and why?

I give this book a full five stars.   The characters were well defined and became quite real to me. The sub-plots were well used to carry the story forward.  And best of all, I wasn't sure until right at the end what had happened and why.

You can pre-purchase this book in either paperback or a Kindle edition on Amazon.  A Nook edition is also available for pre-order at Barnes and Noble.

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Barbara said...

Sounds like my kind of novel, thanks!

QuiltShopGal said...

Sounds like a fun read. I too enjoy a good mystery. Thanks for sharing.


Susan M. Boyer said...

Gene, I'm so happy you enjoyed Lowcountry Boneyard! Thank you for this lovely review--I deeply appreciate it.

Rowena said...

What a fantastic review!

Jeanna said...

I love stories that are set in the Low Country. I read all of Dorothea Benton Frank's books but have never heard of Boyer. I'll check it out.