Tuesday, February 24, 2015


For a while now I have been seeing people make different types of boxy bags.  They look like shave kits to me.  So I found a tutorial and tried to follow it.   Some of you know that I don't follow patterns or tutorials very well. This was no exception.
She has a nice how-to video on YouTube - so I watched it -at least twice!  Then I started making the bag.  Of course I decided to use the serger so my finished seams would be nice.  I ran over that plastic zipper and broke a needle.  #%#@....okay needle replaced and all the bits of the broken needle found and discarded.   (This is where I lost my concentration)  So I went again. WHAM!  Yes the other needle in the serger broke this time. Okay, so now there are two new needles in the serger.  And onward I go.  I slowed down and went over the zipper oh so carefully. Whew, made it.
This is the point where I realize that I sewed the sides before I folded it to make the box.  I now have a big zipper pouch.   ARRRRRGGGH!
I box the corners anyway and make it work.  Well kinda.  I have a tall skinny boxy bag.
I take it and put my stuff in it...I don't like it.

So take two.  I pull up the directions and go one step at a time.   It works.
But I really did like the green zipper better..sigh!   It is a bit small but I am out of the home dec fabric and the fusible fleece so perhaps another day I can make a bigger one. For now this one is functional.
I was also part of a warp exchange on Ravelry.  The warp is the collection of threads that you weave on to create cloth on a loom.  When you weave the quilting explanations of lengthwise and crosswise fabric are sooooo much more clear.
Here is the warp I received on my loom.
Collage showing front and back of the loom. 
I have been weaving on it and just having a lot of fun.  Here is another collage showing the fabric so far - with some close ups.
I love the freedom of Saori weaving.

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suemac said...

Sorry about breaking needles.

ShirleyC said...

Great work, Gene! The wrap is beautiful!


kathyinozarks said...

I am not good at grasping tutorials and patterns either-love your weaving!

craftspacecontinuum said...

That's sooo frustrating when a needle breaks in the machine. It's what often keeps me sewing things by hand. But, you powered thru and MADE IT! Looks good. Your weaving is wonderful. Looks like a lot of fun.

Teresa Quilts said...

I love your bag and the new weaving you are doing! Keep up the beautiful work.

Beth said...

The new piece on your loom is so great. Looks like something for a fancy dress party. I have some fabric ready for a bag similar to yours. I better sew slowly over that zipper.;)

Barbara said...

What a fun little bag, looks good to me in all pics.

Beth said...

The first time I made one of those bags, mine was LONG and skinny! I had used the wrong side for the zipper! It was for my daugher. After I finished the 2nd bag, I showed her both. She uses both...the long one is for her curling iron! Who knew?? lol