Monday, March 02, 2015

Stubborn - Use Your Faults

A few people I know would tell you that I am stubborn.  The fact is - yes I am.  Once in a staff training the instructor used me as an example (a good one - thank goodness.)  He described me as "tenacious."  I leaned in to the woman sitting next to me and stage whispered "That is just a nice word for stubborn."   There were several snickers from those who have worked closely with me.

What is the difference between being stubborn and tenacious?  Mainly it is in the implication.  Tenacious is generally used for someone who hangs on until something is completed. Stubborn is used more for people who will not give up because they want their own way.  

When you are creating or learning a skill, stubbornness is not a bad thing.   I believe I showed my spinning wheel here before.  I have become a decent spinner with wool.  But a while back, I ordered some cotton to spin.  I got the good stuff - Pima Cotton Sliver (sly-ver) - because I was sure it would be easier to spin.  For months, it has frustrated me - first on the drop spindle and then on the wheel.

I also wanted to be able to blend the fibers that I dye easily.  So, since one of my friends is an Ashford dealer, I asked her about a blending board.  She didn't have one in stock - but it is on order. Meanwhile, she has loaned her board to me.  So I have been making these blended fiber put ups called "rolags."

The are fun to make and spin into yarn.   I spun several (not pictured) into this lovely yarn that is hanging on the shower rod to dry.

I decided that maybe I could blend the cotton with the wool and use it that way.  So I did a couple of small rolags and spun them.  It didn't spin up easily so I let that idea go for a bit.
Of course I went to Google and started searching for a way to blend the two. No luck in that search but I did find a video that I had watched once before on spinning cotton.  So I tried again - yes, I am STUBBORN.  

Guess what? My "stubborn" paid off. I have been spinning this cotton
It looks like this on the bobbin of my spinning wheel
So what if I am stubborn? - I did it! And I can repeat it.

What is one of your worst faults?  Have you found a way to channel it and "use it for good"?

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Jeanna said...

Stubborn is definitely a trait of mine. However, it's probably worked more against me than anything else. Oh well! Maybe I'll learn to channel into something good one day.

craftspacecontinuum said...

I think I'd say you were more persistant than stubborn. Those rolags and the yarn you've spun from them is beautiful. I've never worked with just 100 % cotton but I have with blends. There can be a learning curve when it comes to cotton spinning since its different than wool. I have worked with tencil which too me is very similar to cotton and when working with it I got so frustrated that it drove me nuts. But I got stubborn/persistant and powered thru the learning curve and found that I had to keep a very short draw on it and spin faster to keep up with it or it would pull apart on me. Procrastination is one of my faults. Ha, is there a superhero for procrastination? One that can swoop in and make ya, git-er-done : )

kathyinozarks said...

I agree that you are mostly persistant but stubborn too-congrats on the conquer I have some raw cotton here that I grew from seed one year-you have me curious now-your hand dyed yarn looks like spring is coming-very pretty

Barbara said...

Congrats, Gene, I admire that kind of persistence. I have a stubborn streak too, but only to a point. That's when I shift gears. If something isn't working, I turn it into something else. In fact, I have a project like that now. I stitched on it all afternoon yesterday and don't like it, so today it will become something else. Validation comes more quickly, and life is so short. Lol!

Denise said...

Ok, so now you've got me wanting to try spinning cotton on my wheel......

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Without tenacity ..... I would never finish any projects Gene. Stubborn / tenacious who cares what they call it....I call it finished.

Remember that peacock I made a few years ago? If I asked myself once, I asked myself 20 times...."how high are you willing to jump to get this done?" I jumped day and night...and tore out tons....but it got done thanks to tenacity!


Linda said...

Lovely, great colours. Alas, I am a no reply blogger, but I am definitely a 'come on over, visit and please leave a comment' blogger. You are very talented, thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Sarah said...

I love that colorful yarn. and from now on, you are Tenacious G.