Monday, April 27, 2015

Make Haste Slowly

The quilt I am making is slowly progressing.  I am making haste slowly.  Really I am working on it when I am not chasing some other squirrel of creativity or doing the necessities of life. (Yes, rest is a necessity!)
So the first section is pieced and quilted.
I am using the solid block areas for two reasons.
1. Less blocks to piece - thus insuring that I don't get bored and quit.
2.  More open/negative space for free motion quilting.

Here are my two favorite areas I have quilted on this:
The quilting on the blue is my favorite.  It is my version of a pattern I learned somewhere (who knows!)  This time I didn't look it up to refresh my memory.  As Frank Sinatra sang - I did it my way.  The brown paisley design also has some "me" quirks.

I have started piecing the next section. I have one of the two four patches pieced and sashed.
I have discovered that choosing the solids takes more time than sewing it.  I have this laid next to the quilted section. As you can see, this section will mirror image the previous section. I am debating if the next row will mirror image the first row. I think that will make the layout more interesting than a checkerboard design.

I want to thank ALL three of my free motion quilting inspirations also.  Thanks to Christina Cameli, Leah Day and Cindy Needham.  The books and/or classes from these three quilting gurus have really helped me to lose the fear of free motion quilting. The fact that none of them worry about mistakes in the quilting helps too.
Another quilter - Pat Merkle AKA Color Me Quilty - has also inspired me.

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Pat Merkle said...

I think your quilting looks marvelous! You are so creative and talented

Jeanna said...

It is looking great, Gene. What machine are you using for the FMQ?

Barbara said...

This is looking great! I think the addition of solid showcases the other blocks, and adds color in larger doses. Always a good thing! Also, the FMW is remarkable! I can't pick a favorite of the two close up photos, tend toward the paisley though. Awesome!
PS...surely can relate to getting bored just piecing blocks!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your quilting looks fantastic! Your practicing has really paid off.

Marlene said...

I love the quilting in the blue square. It reminds me of magnolia blossoms.