Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Blocks -Adding an Alternate

I have been cranking out a few Arrowhead blocks.  I decided to look in Anita's book "Rotary Cutting Revolution" to see what else I could find to work with it.
I really liked the block on the cover which is called the "Old Italian" block.  Oops, there is a problem!  Using the sizes in the book, the block finishes to six inches.  The Arrowhead block finishes at 8.5 inches. Hmm...what to do?

I could resize the Arrowheads - but NO!  I have made too many already - and I like a larger block.
I had some layer cake squares leftover -so I tried using two of them and guessing at where to cut.  I got two nice 8.5" blocks - but they are slightly off somehow.  Hmmm.......
I knew Anita had how to make alternate sizes of the Arrowhead on her blog.  So I went searching.  Sigh!
No luck!

What to do?  I saw that Anita has a page on Facebook.  Oh look- it says she answers 100% of her messages.  [Gene messages Anita]  Anita got back with me and said to use 10.5" squares and gave me a measurement for the center square of the block.  (She was rushing off to an appointment...I know that feeling.) Fabric, starch, iron! Cut big squares.  Cut...hmmm... Guessing game again.  Finish cutting.  Lay out blocks - SEW!
The picture is crooked but the blocks are not. It worked!  Okay so maybe not exactly right but totally usable.
Here are more of the Arrowhead blocks with one "Old Italian" block in the middle.
I think it works pretty good in there. Since I will be adding sashings and possibly some wholecloth squares as blocks, I think it will be great.  Stay tuned. I know I am curious to see how it turns out.  I hope you are too.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You found your book!! Yay!! I think the Old Italian Block works VERY well as an alternate block - it gives the eye a place to rest. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Now I have to figure out the measurement for that center square - thanks for the squirrel - ;))

Jeanna said...

Persistence pays off! I'm so glad you were able to figure out the Italian block because it works well with the others.

kathyinozarks said...

that is the perfect block too-like that it is a subtle difference-and I love the internet for solving questions-bravo

Debbie said...

The 2 blocks work great together...great detective work to get to your solution.

Barb said...

I have really enjoyed these blocks and certainly will enjoy the finished project....

Barbara said...

There's that block again, I must try it! ;)