Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Somewhat "Quiet Time"

I have been missing in action for a bit.   I am sorry.  Sometimes I just need to have a quiet time.  I was housesitting so I wasn't able to work on quilts. Why?  The couple I sit for has pets so I didn't want the sharp objects (pins, rotary cutters) around to place the fur babies at risk.

I did some spinning and weaving.  
I used one of my yarn singles to make this coil yarn.
This yarn will add some fun textures when it is woven into fabric.

I also wove a big lovely piece of fabric that is a combination of silk, wool and cotton fibers. There are three pictures and you still won't see all of it. I told you it is a big piece.

Then my friend Vicki posted some hand dyed gradient fabrics in her Etsy shop that had been out of stock.
I bought this one:
Red Sunset 1/2 yard
and this one:
Appalachian Sunset 1/2 yard
My goal is to actually USE these gradient fabrics rather than "saving" them because they are too pretty to cut. Ha ha, wish me luck.

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Vicki W said...

That's a beautiful piece that you've woven! Your fabric is in the mail and ready for your rotary cutter.

barbarab said...

Gorgeous fabrix (and yarn), Gene. Hope you use the fabric. I know too well how hard that can be!

Barbara said...

Gorgeous BIG weaving! Enjoy the pretty fabric, cutting and all. ;)