Saturday, May 23, 2015

My First Fiber Festival - and my Haul

Friday was the day,  May 22, 2015.  A friend invited me to ride up to a fiber festival in Dickson, Tennessee with her.  She mentioned that another friend might come along - and she did indeed go with us. This was the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival.   There were lots of vendors there selling fiber to spin or felt.  A number of them were also selling yarn.  Since I have my spinning wheel and a fiber blending board, my focus was on the fiber.
OH MY GOODNESS - there were so many choices.  I saw living sheep and angora rabbits, fleece that had been cut from the sheep and not processed, washed fleeces, all the way to processed and dyed fiber and even art batts and rolags.  There were also other fibers available for purchase.

I got a haul of:
Alpaca, an alpaca and silk blend, bamboo (white and red), imitation angora (for blending,) wool that has been dyed, a small art batt and even a couple of spools of ribbon yarn to use in my weavings.

This is the entire haul
The colors in this picture are not great.  So I decided to do a couple of "close-ups"
The left back corner is an Orchid wool and directly in front of it is one that he called "Brick Red" but has a decided purple tone to it.
Orchid on left,  Brick Red on right
And my last purchase was one that I looked at several times. It is a mini art batt of wool, and other fibers.
The "orange" is really metallic copper.  I love this.  I had to have it - it called my name and latched onto me.

The real surprise of the day was what was given to me not long after I walked in the door.  At one booth the lady had a small stack of Simplicity Bias machines.  A couple of them made piping also.  We stopped to chat with her and she GAVE us each one of the Bias and Piping machines.  I errr.....borrowed this photo from a website.
This little machine sells for anywhere from $75 to $100 at the online retailers I checked. I haven't taken it out of the box yet. So there could be missing parts or whatever.  But, if it works at all, this will be an amazing thing to have been given.  As I told the friend that I rode with "This was worth the trip"

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kathyinozarks said...

awesomeness Gene

Barbara said...

Beautiful colored fibers, I love the purples!

Linda C said...

how generous of the vendor, Gene! At first I thought that you might have won it in a door prize so wow there. The stuff that followed you home is amazing. You know there is an alpaca farm just down the road from me? I've never been in the shop but have often wondered if they have roving and yarn. Go by there constantly.

Marlene said...

That's crazy generous of the vendor. My goodness, what secret technique do you have for wooing valuable goodies from fibre fest vendors? That's a trick I would love to learn.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

WOW - nice haul!! I was reading another blog the other day where the lady was working on a "fleece" - I'll have to email you that link - it was fascinating!! - ;))