Thursday, May 07, 2015

Quilting a Chunk - My way

Another chunk of my Arrowhead/Old Italian quilt got quilted on Wednesday.   I decided I need to get moving on this because I was asked about making two quilts for a lady's granddaughters. Then I was asked about helping a pre-teen learn to make a quilt.  Funny how when you retire, suddenly you are even more busy than when you were working.

So here is the "chunk"
  And I will show you some close-ups flaws and all.  The first one, I call Sorta Paisley.
 The next one I call "Converging Streams"

This one was supposed to be following a pattern I saw on a blog that teaches free motion quilting.  Ha ha. I did it my way....and it is different.

And then there is this one that I call "What If...."
I started with one design and then said "What if I....."  and changed it. I  think I like it.

And in other news, the knitting adventure continues.  I am glad these don't need to be perfect - because they are NOT.  Ha ha.  In  a couple of places it seems that I got the "yarn over" done a stitch early.  I think it gives it a bit of character.   I am sure the dishes won't mind a bit.

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kathyinozarks said...

I like that idea doing each block seperate-how do you put them all together afterwards-Barbara is making dish cloths now too-love that

kathyinozarks said...

or from the first photo-the quilt top is already put together? I still like that they are all quilted differently

Debbie said...

I can see a big improvement in your quilting! The stitches are more even, and that tells me you are in control. Good work......I like the last motif, the leafy one.

Petit Design Co. said...

Your quilting is coming along great. I have yet to master paisleys. I can't seem to travel well with that design.

Barbara said...

So...when did you ever NOT do things your way? It's one of the things that makes your work unique, Gene. I love this quilt, and am wondering with Kathy how the blocks will be joined. The FMQ makes my hands hurt just looking at it! Lol, all that twisting and turning. It's an art for sure, and yours looks better than any long arm pattern, which just looks manufactured to me. I'm not a fan of the "machine look". I'm taking your dishcloth patter with me to visit my Mom and will try it while she naps. That is, if the airport doesn't conficate my deadly knitting needles.

Linda C said...

Gene, the quilting looks amazing to me! I do not free motion at all and I admire your ability to turn loose and do it.

Knitting, now that is a bit more in my comfort zone since at 12 I learned to either rip it out and start over or fix my mistakes. No more giant holes unless gthey were part of the pattern. I love that dishcloth pattern the best and have literally made dozens over the years.