Thursday, May 14, 2015

Silk Ties And Weaving

On Tuesday I talked about four silk ties that I bought at the thrift store to deconstruct for weaving.  After I started weaving a little bit with them, I looked at it and said "I need some more colors to add to this.  I really like this."
With the black warp and black yarn I was using in addition to the silk, it popped nicely.  I wish you could feel this!

Then I had a bit of a brainstorm (why I didn't have this brainstorm BEFORE I bought the ties is beyond me.)  Hey!  I have neckties from when I was working and wore them all the time. (My last few years I didn't have to wear  ties - or as I like to call them "pretty nooses.")
So, I dove into that part of the closet - you know, we all have that one spot- where the stuff that should have gone away LONG AGO is still back in that corner.  I pulled out neckties and more neckties all hanging on nice necktie racks. I started sorting the silk from the not silk. I even found a couple of old knit ties - now you know how long ago that was!
So I decided which of the silk ties I needed to keep for weddings and funerals if I absolutely HAVE to wear a tie. (Hint- join your church choir and you can wear a t-shirt and shorts under the robe - no one will know!)  Then I took the rest to my deconstruction zone.
I cut and un-sewed until bedtime.  Then on Wednesday morning, I finished deconstructing and cutting the ties into strips.    Y'all, let me tell you - silk is thin material.  So I looked at the pile and said "I need something to store these in."
A while back I bought some 2 gallon zipper storage bags (at the dollar store) for storing my spinning fibers.  I pulled out one of those bags.  I filled it nearly full!
That big quilting ruler behind the bag is for reference.The top of that silk is at the 11 1/2 inch mark. I have a LOT of silk strips for weaving now.
So I wove a little bit more of it - actually until the bobbin  in my shuttle ran out of yarn/thread/
Oh...the picture of the bag of silk was taken AFTER I wove all of this.
I have no idea what this fabric will become..but it will be very interesting and have a lovely drape to the fabric.
Of course before this post was finalized I had this bit added.

You may have noticed that I am (hopefully) injecting a bit more humor into my blog posts.  I have been listening to a woman who speaks on finding the humor around you.   Her name is Jeanne Robertson and she is a delight.  I suggest you find her on youtube and listen to a few of her stories.  If you don't laugh, you may not have a sense of humor.  If you to one hear of her classic stories, here is

"Men don't know the style in NYC!"

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kathyinozarks said...

I love collecting silk ties for transferring their dye to silk fabric but never thought to use in weaving-love it Gene! I love making something into something new again

Quiltingranny said...

Jeanne is just the funniest, love your ties!

Barbara said...

Oh boy, just lost my first comment, trying again. Gene, the weavings are WONDERFUL! Congratulations on you creative ideas and persistence with carrying them through. I can see friends wanting this kind of memory piece to hang on a wall made from the ties of a loved one who has passed.
On another note, I'm counting on your sense of humor when I say Jeanne Robertson is hard for me. I'm in NC visiting my Mom (96!) and everyone here sounds like Jeanne. I'm a "Jersey Girl" born and bred and I have trouble understanding them, lol! I'll try again later after more coffee, I'm sure she is funny!

Marlene said...

Great idea showcasing the ties on an all black warp. It really makes them stand out.

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

That's a beautiful piece, Gene. What a stroke of genius to shop your tie stash!