Friday, May 08, 2015

The Blues Have It

Do you have the blues?

Knitting is one way to calm your mind.  On the advice of some readers, I got a set of circular needles. These are from Knit Picks but were sold in a local yarn shop. (Yaay) They are the options interchangeable Rainbow needles. I love the pretty colors on the wood needles.  When/if I buy another size I hope I can get some of the Caspian needle tips.  They are blues and greens.
Yes, I am kind of hooked on making these dish cloths.  But seriously, I am not ready to try to knit from a (gasp!) pattern just yet.

The real cause of "the blues" in my life are the family that has moved into the neighborhood.  Actually they are in my house - or part of it.  You see, these adorable Eastern Bluebirds have built in a section of my gutter under the front door overhang.  I see Daddy Blue a lot.  I saw mom fly out once, but she is hard to "pin down."  So I have pictures of Daddy Blue to share.

He watches me carefully when I come out to make sure I don't bother the nest - and I suspect there are babies hatched out already.  I discovered that bluebirds are monogamous pairs and that Mama Blue does all the incubation while Daddy Blue is the provider.
My mother also has bluebirds in her bluebird box and we enjoy sitting on her porch and watching them. (it is a great time to knit too!)
Yes, I have the "blues" -and they are making me smile a lot.

May all of YOUR blues be the kind that bring a smile to your face.

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Anonymous said...
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Vicki W said...

Yay! Bluebirds!

kathy said...


Vroomans' Quilts said...

We have several bluebird boxes around the farm - love these birds. I had a pair for many years that nest under the eave of the front porch - this year no sign. I fear grammy & grampy blue have met their final season, but I like to think the blues that continue to come are the 'family'.

kathyinozarks said...

awesome blues!

suemac said...

You are lucky to have those beautiful birds to share in your life.

craftspacecontinuum said...

Thats wonderful! I used to visit a friend in NC and he had a pond that I would take walks to during my visits. One time in the spring I was walking up the hill and there were baby blue birds sunning on the branches EVERYWHERE! I couldn't believe how many there were. It was wonderful.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Circular needles?? - You have caught the knitting bug for sure!! You'll probably be making scarves before long - they're fast and easy. And if you're going to have the "blues" - that's the best kind to have. Great pictures - Daddy Blue seems very happy to sit there and "pose" for you - ;))