Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Little Patchwork

There were a few leftover layer cake squares in my stash.  These are ten inch squares of fabric from a design line.  These came from the same layer cake and I have a few more left in neutral colors.
So I took the squares and started some aimless sewing. I used some piecing "tricks" that I have learned from the internet.  I made half square triangles and quarter-square triangles.  Then I played with putting them into a design.  I liked what I saw so I sewed them together.
After taking the photo, I realized that I made one mistake in piecing it together. One of squares should have been rotated one turn to the left.  I don't think I will take it apart- but I reserve the right to change my mind. This is one of those times that a design wall would have come in handy.  Stepping back is much like looking at a photo.  You can see the whole in a different perspective.

I think I will add some borders and perhaps triangular end pieces onto this and make a table runner.  Time will tell.

On my loom there is fabric. In fact there is close to five yards rolled onto the cloth beam.
I have been using a lot of my hand spun wool yarns in this fabric. The warp is black wool, so it doesn't distract from the colors in the yarns. At this point, I have a plan for the fabric, but sometimes the fabric has other ideas.....stay tuned.

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Barbara said...

I had to squint and use my hands like binoculars to find the square that you say should have been turned. I ask, why take it apart and, I think, make it less interesting? That wouldn't be like you. :) I can't wait to see what plan, or not, you have for almost 5 yards of fabric. There's a lot of indecisiveness in this post. It's "Saori thinking" thinking, been doing it all my life! Lol.

suemac said...

Love all the fabric you have woven. I am sure you will come up with something exciting to use it for.

Lynn said...

You are really getting good at weaving. The fabric on your loom looks fantastic!

Jeanna said...

I found the square but it took me a while. This will make a nice table runner.

The fabric you are weaving is very pretty...wonder what it will be? Something fabulous, I'm sure.

Barb said...

Do you ever stop and rest? Love your weaving....