Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In a Pickle

A few days ago,  Mom was watching her favorite television chef, Michael Smith.   The show is Chef at Home.  Frequently, he makes dishes that I wouldn't eat. But this time he was preparing a vegetarian meal.  He made (shock shock) vegetable stew.  I make a good stew on my own although I usually add some meat for protein such as sausage or meatballs. So, that wasn't the part that got my attention.
Chef Michael was looking for something to add a bit of punch to a salad.  He got out some pickled red onions that he said he have made a few days ago.  There was a flashback showing how to make them.  It seems he used red wine vinegar but said you could substitute any vinegar.   He also mentioned some spices that he added.   To be honest, I was planning to find the recipe online.  Thus, I didn't pay close attention.  I found a basic recipe from him, but the spices mentioned were NOT what I remembered.  My memory was that he used "sweet pie type" spices like cinnamon and cloves.  
Hmmm....okay then, IMPROVISE!

I replaced the red wine vinegar with apple cider vinegar,  and added dashes of ground cinnamon and cloves in the "brine" along with the other ingredients.  I made a pint jar with one red onion and cut the sugar in half to match as well as lowering the amount of vinegar.  I have to say it smells good.
While this goes in the refrigerator,  I only had a canning jar to use so I put the top on and left it to cool.  I just heard the jar seal!

Here is what it looks like:
I am hoping that they taste good.  At least it was a small amount of ingredients.  There is a wait period of 2 or 3 days to let it pickle properly.  I can hardly wait to try them though.

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Linda C said...

Wonder if your recipe would work to pickle some beets. I love those things but DJ did not care for them, pickled or not.

barbara woods said...

they look good , let us know how they taste

Edgar said...

They look super - I love onions done this way, but have never tried to do them myself

Tangos Treasures said...

I just made some a couple of weeks ago too!! Yummy!!

barbarab said...

I will be trying this!

Barbara said...

The best thing at every family reunion growing up was pickled hard-boiled eggs. They were shelled and soaked for a few days in a similar jar in a mixture of canned beets, the beet juice, vinegar, a bit of sugar, and ONIONS. The very best!

kathyinozarks said...

mmmm fond memories Barbara, my Grandma always made these for me when I came for a long visit-love them-in my area of Indiana they were called Pennsylvania Dutch pickled eggs

kathyinozarks said...

they should turn out delicious