Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rambling in the past

A discussion with a friend over dinner pulled up some old memories.  You see, this friend has a daughter who once was a model for a portrait painting class.  As she told me about this, I said, "That sounds like a class I took with Janet Rogers several years ago." The class was on watercolor flowers and portraits.  Later that evening, I got an email from my friend saying that the painting is by Janet Rogers. At the time, I did not know this friend, so her daughter was just someone serving as a model for the class.  There were two models who sat for us- at the same time.  I chose to paint the other model, largely because she was seated closer to my painting station. I confess that this painting was not attractive.  However after I returned home, I did paint some portraits and partial portraits.
Here is one painting that I did of a partial face.
Later on, I painted a sketch portrait of my father.
In the class with Janet Rogers we also painted flowers. One of my favorites was this painting that I did of sunflowers.
It seems rare that I can paint this loose and free. I love the spontaneous look of this painting.  My niece loved it also  so it is now in her home. 
Thanks for rambling with me through some of my past painting adventures.

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Pat said...

Small world, isn't it? I think your partial face painting is a very good one (as are the other two you showed).

Barbara said...

I've never seen a partial face portrait, love that.

Barbara said...

Uh oh, wasn't finished, but I paused. Then Blogger wouldn't take more words. So, to continue and say that my favori

Barbara said...

Good grief, blogger stopped again. Does this happen to anyone besides me? My favorite is the flower painting. Lovely!

kathyinozarks said...

My favorite is the flowers too, but I think the partial face is really unique-love that, and do like your father too--how cool that things matched up with someone you knew

Marlene said...

I took a water colour painting class years ago. Thankfully the chosen topics were NOT portraits as I've always struggled with those. My daughter says I'm good at portraits. I beg to differ, LOL. My portraits are only 'good' if you don't realize who they are actually meant to represent. They look 'human' but from there all resemblance is lost. Yours looks great!